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WBR-memory/word issues?


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Hi all. Does anyone have experience with longterm side effects from WBR. My wife had wbr in 2003 and an SRS treatment last December. Recently she has had difficulty with short term memory and, more troubling, difficulty with word retrieval. She understands what you say but has trouble finding the right words herself, very fustrating to both of us. She had a recent MRI and check with radiation oncologyst: everything looks good and doc says speach/word problems are long term effect of wbr, not from the recent SRS. Anybody have similar experience?

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My husband had WBR and he would kind of speak in a strange language. Like all x's....this would happen when he was under a lot of stress. It was quite distrubing to him and me. I would just wait until he got his wits about him and then it would be ok.

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