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I wonder, has anyone used MGN3 or 714X as an immune system booster? My father is very weak and he shivers uncontrollably after a slight change in room temp or a cool - cold drink. Has anyone experienced this before. He has had radiation - last treatment 6 weeks ago and is starting chemo on Wed.

Thanks for the help


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In the beginning, my mom used MGN3. I don't know if it did anything for her though. She also tried this controversial treatment from Canada called Oncolyn. She also tried a clone of Essiac we got from Whole Foods called Flor-Essence, and besides tasting horrible, it became contaminated within a few days of opening due the the delicate ingredients.

With the exception of MGN3, I would tend to stir people away from anything questionable. I don't mean to discourage you at all. In the beginning I wondered and researched all the different alternative therapies as well, but now realize I was just grabbing for straws. My mom tried the Oncolyn and Essiac while she was on her fiirst chemo regimen of Carbo/Taxol, and the chemo still didn't work. (I'm beginning to wonder why they prescribe Carbo/Taxol at all).

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My mom started taking MGN-3 about a month ago....I do think its helped with the side effects of chemo, she seems to have more energy and feel better. She had chemo again today, so we'll know in a couple days how she feels if its really helping or not. I think its maybe too soon to tell. I'll post on here more when I see how she is handling chemo from now on. :?:

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