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Income Limit for SSI?


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Hi All,

I had a couple questions about SSI disability and was wondering if anyone could give me answers. My dad is retired from the Airforce and receives a military retirement check (over $800). He works now, but he might eventually have to resign if he can't handle it with the treatments etc. Does anyone know if they will count his military retirement check as income earned? It doen't seem fair that if you pay into social security (for decades) that you can't get some of it back.


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You are talking about SSDI not SSI. SSDI is Social Security Disability Insurance. There is an eligibility requirement but if your father has worked and paid into social security for at least 10 yrs and has worked 5 our of the last ten years before he became disabled, I am sure he will meet those requirements. SSI is Supplemental Security Income which also has a disability program and it is based on a person's income and resources....It has nothing to do with the Social Security Trust Fund...

You can learn more by going to www.ssa.gov or calling 1-800-772-1213...

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