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re:New and Not Doing Well


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Keep your chin up. This place offers so much hope.

I go to work every day, go to the hopsital to visit my husband, pick up the kids, take them to see dad, go home, and put on the "I'm your mom and everything's fine" hat. By then I'm usually exhausted, depressed and sometimes a little angry...and then I come here. Read these posts and success stories and (I hope) you will find the hope and encouragement you need.

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I'm late Judy,

but welcome to the group,

Now it is the worst time for you,

all those dreams are stopped from

sickness, but you will have other

dreams that are each day right there

with you, you will see them when all

goes very good, and you will see them

when the days are not so good, because

you will be looking for better days

that will be there for both of you.


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Hi Judy,

I'm a bit late on this one, but wanted to join the others and welcome you, and let you know that there IS hope.

You're right- your ups and downs are based on his "good" days or "bad" days. It's really hard, emotionally taxing, and drains you...but you love him, and it's so hard, BECAUSE you love him.

it's ok to feel all the things you are feeling! We have all felt it, or STILL feel it. But I can tell you that you get used to this "new normal". You simply have no other choice.

As far as your husbands treatments, advocate for him, fight for his medical care, research all treatment options- there ARE survivors here, because they fought to survive.

And for you, please be kind to yourself. Find a friend, a relative (or US!) and talk, vent, cry, yell and scream it out. Take short breaks to take care of yourself and be "normal" for a while. (Even if just for an hour or a day) And ask for help.

You won't be any good to anyone if you dont take care of yourself.

I am sending positive thoughts for you both. Please keep us updated and keep posting!

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