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  1. Katie, So sorry, my deepest sympathy. The memories of her true love for you and your children will stay with you, they may comfort and console in this time of sorrow. Hugs Jackie
  2. My sympathy, May the memories of your FIL comfort and console you. Jackie
  3. Tracy, Wishing you the best. Jackie
  4. J.C.

    Memory Boards

    Kim, Just saw your post, so sorry for you, can't even find the right words that may help. Hugs Jackie
  5. J.C.

    Today In History

    Randy, Sorry I miss your post on the 16th. Very good picture and good memories. Jackie
  6. Michael, That's the way to go. Hope the rest of the treatment are easy on you. Jackie
  7. J.C.

    Big Dog

    YOU KNOW YOU OWN A "BIG" DOG WHEN... ...the sound of running water makes you jump up and yell, "OUTSIDE!" ...you tell your dog to sit, and he backs up until he finds a chair ...it takes 3 people to get your dog on the scale at the vets ...you walk your dog and everyone knows him by name, but you have no idea who these people are ...you can carry on a conversation with a dog's muzzle firmly in your crotch ...your dog can hide an entire tennis ball (among other things) fully inside his lips and give you that innocent look that says, "What? I'm not eating anything!" ...you carry a t
  8. Keep going Fred. Jackie
  9. Just caring that came out wrong. Hard for people that were not touched by lc to express themselves even with their friends. Had many people telling me good news they heard about people with lc just after Mike died, those news would have been fine six monthe previous but hurtful at the time they were said. Just clear the air with your co-worker she may have realized what she did. Hugs Jackie
  10. Cheryl, You are making many people happy with the clothes. I still have after 33 years something of her in each room and next month for the 60th anniversary of their wedding a couple asked me for a cut glass plate my mon had, will be happy to part with it as it will be kept by them and later by one of their children, it will go well on the dining room table from my mother that I gave them when she died. You see how long it took me to part with things........and I still have plenty left. Heart breaking when you do it but so rewarding in times to come. Hugs Jackie
  11. Saturday and first day of the week end. Grateful for the sunshine we will get today, was kind of gloomy before. Grateful that Mike is still sending me signs every month during the week of the thirteen. ---------------------- We could never learn to be brave and patient if there were only joy in the world. (Helen Keller) ---------------- Have a good day. Jackie
  12. Friday last of the working day for the week. Grateful for the St-Valentine's Day visit I got yesterday. -------------- The heart never becomes wrinkled. (Madame de Sévigny) ----------- Have a good day. Jackie
  13. Will be thinking and praying for her. Jackie
  14. Good Valentine's Day to all. We have a clear day, lot of sunshine before the storm resume tomorrow. Will enjoy all that nature offers me today, also I'll enjoy the company of friends this afternoon. Grateful for all the friends I have, they all in different ways bring light in my days. -------------- We must always have old memories and young hopes. (Arsene Houssaye) ----------------- Have a beautiful day. Jackie
  15. J.C.

    Round 3

    Wendy, (((((((( HUGS))))))))))) Jackie
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