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    keeping hank alive and healthy, piano, my dogs
  1. Judy! Hey! I hav'nt been here in a long time. But, since you're not answering me, you left me no recourse but to try and track you down here and find out what's happening I read your post, Don't blame you for not bringing your PC into the hospital with you. Judy......I hope whatever is going on is "dealable" I just invented that You are in my thoughts so often, I only want things to be good with you. Stay positive, and move on. That's all any of us can do no matter what our circumstances are. (((((JUDY)))))) Give Stan a hug for me too. Love ya, Gail
  2. Hi Barb! I havn't posted in quite a long time. I came on tonight because I was wondering how you and Bill are doing. Good to hear that he is back home. I honestly can't remember whether or not chemo was stopped when Hank had his blood clots. It happened twice, but I just don't remember what he was being given, or not, during those times. Anyway, because I am not around much, please never think that you are far from my thoughts. I think of you and Bill very often, and hope that things are stable. You were the first one to throw me a life line when I started this journey, I will always remember and be thankful for you and your help. Stay strong, and be well Barb. Love, Gail
  3. Hi Barb, Just want to let you know I'm thinking of you and Bill. Hope Tarceva works great for him!!! Love, Gail
  4. Hey there everybody, It's been a while since I last dropped in. I'm sorry for my long absence, but I have been sort of busy and trying to pull my life together and begin moving on. I'm doing alright, and I want all of you to know that you are never very far from my thoughts. I want you all to keep fighting, and keep winning. I am pulling for you!! Love, Gail
  5. peebygeeby

    All in All

    Hi Denise, So glad to hear that Tom is continuing to do so well!!! Gail
  6. Hi Paul, This is really wonderful news at stage 1V. I am wishing you continued improvment!!!! Gail
  7. Jeanie, Hi. I love to hear these success stories. This is wonderful news! May the good news keep coming for years to come. Gail
  8. Hi to all of you and welcome. Sorry you're here though. I hav'nt been posting these days with any great regularity, but don't think that I'm not with you all and hoping you all have great success in your new journey's. You should all know and believe that there is hope, and that you are truly welcome here. There are many wonderful folks here happy to help in any way that they can. My best wishes, and hopes are with you all!!! Gail
  9. Hi Barbara, Stay here. post, make new friends. You will find so much support, hope, and encouragement here. These are some GREAT people. They will help you through this. Once your treatment plan is laid out and you are actively treating this disease you will feel better. Wishing you great success, Gail
  10. Hi there, Thank you so much for sharing your story. It really means a lot to me to see it, especially at this time. It has been just six weeks since my Hank passed away. I have been wondering, even at this early stage in my grieving what my new life will consist of, and who will I share it with. I am also 54. I have been thinking that it is not impossible, but improbable that I will ever find someone new to share my life with. After reading your story, I see that this might not be true. I do have to find myself again though. Who am I really? now that I am not who I was before this happened? I'm sure that in the coming days and months I will find out. Thank you very much posting this!!!!! Gail Congratulations on your wedding and new life!!! I wish you much happiness.
  11. Hi everybody, Thought I'd drop in and just say hello. I feel guilty that I have not been posting with the same regularity as I was when Hank was still here. I want you all to know that it's not that I don't care. I'm still out here pulling for you all and wishing you success in your individual battles. I guess there are a few reasons that I hav'nt been posting very much. First, the urgency of the situation that Hank and I were in has now passed along with his passing, second, I'm am trying to remove myself from having lung cancer on my mind constantly. I hope you understand. Caring about people with this terrible disease and donating to Lungevity will be something that I will continue to do for the rest of my life. I am alternately doing OK, then not so OK. If I stay very busy, I seem to be able to keep plugging along. I find that the evenings here at home are the hardest. The old routine of having Hank come home from work, and eating dinner together, and being with each other is really missed. I had a major meltdown last Friday. Don't even know what brought it on. I just cried and cried. Did'nt know there was that much moisture in my head!!!! I really started to worry that I would never stop! Everything was wet by the time I did I have started a support group sponsored by hospice of NJ, although it's not much of a group, only 2 other members who did'nt show up for the first meeting I went to last week. I'm hoping that things will improve there. I am also seeing a social worker privately once a month. My friend Holli is due to move into a house around the corner from my house at the end of the month. That's going to be great!! It's just so lonely for me here now. I have also joined another online forum. It's called Widows too young. There are so many people out there just like myself, and I do find comfort there, as I did here from all of the caring people who share my situation. I am beginning to truly believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for me. I can't see it yet, but I believe it's there. Anyway, I will be dropping in periodically to say hello, and be of support in any way that I can. All the best, Gail
  12. Hi Christie, Just want to welcome you and wish you all the best. This is a wonderful group of supportive people here who know just what you are going through. Good luck with everything! Gail
  13. Hey Denise, I'm sure Tom is going to put that weight back on. He's done so incredibly well through all of this, now that he's feeling better, You'll fatten him up!!!!! Both of you, keep up the good work! Gail
  14. Hi Susan, Just wanted to welcome you, and wish you and your Mom all the best. I hope she tolerates her treatments well, and that she kicks lungs cancer *ss!!!! Gail
  15. Hi there, Hope there are much better days ahead for your Mom. My thoughts and best wishes are with you, Gail
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