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Baseball All-Stars Paul Molitor, Don Baylor and Eric Davis

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Team Up with Leading Cancer Support Groups to 'Strike Out Cancer'

http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stori ... 155&EDATE=

10-City National Campaign Provides Support Through Local Events and Four Regional Education Summits in Washington DC, New York, Houston and St. Louis

Strike Out Cancer Hall of Fame to Recognize Inspiring Members of Cancer Community

NEW YORK, April 26 /PRNewswire/ -- In support of the approximately 1.4 million Americans who will be diagnosed with cancer this year and the more

than 10 million survivors, five leading non-profit organizations and three

former Major League Baseball (MLB) All-Stars who have been touched by

cancer are joining forces to help empower people affected by cancer to

encourage them to learn about new approaches, support networks and

educational resources.

In its second national season, the Strike Out Cancer education

program, supported by Genentech BioOncology, a leading developer of

targeted therapies, is expanding its reach in the cancer community through

a partnership among The Wellness Community, breastcancer.org, CancerCare,

Colon Cancer Alliance and Lung Cancer Alliance.

"On behalf of all the partners, we are thrilled to celebrate the launch

of the 2006 Strike Out Cancer program," said Kim Thiboldeaux, President and

CEO of The Wellness Community. "Through this collaboration, we are

providing the cancer community with access to unparalleled expertise in all

types of cancer and one of the largest support networks imaginable."

Regional Education Summits

The highlight of the program will be four regional patient education

summits in Washington DC, New York, NY, Houston, TX and St. Louis, MO,

which will focus on the science behind new approaches to cancer management,

the latest innovations to cope with side effects and psychosocial support.

Strike Out Cancer will also hold live events at Major League ballparks in

six cities to increase awareness of the needs of people affected by cancer.

Strike Out Cancer Hall of Fame

The Strike Out Cancer Hall of Fame is accepting nominations to

recognize individuals making strides in the way cancer is managed and who

have made a dramatic difference in the cancer community through

inspiration, perseverance, education, treatment and support. The Hall of

Fame will honor 10 individuals that embody the spirit of the Strike Out

Cancer program through special recognition ceremonies held on-field at

select Major League ballparks nationwide. Nominations will be judged by

representatives from select Strike Out Cancer partners and MLB Hall of

Famer and spokesperson Paul Molitor, who lost his father to lung cancer. To

nominate someone or to view the nomination criteria, visit


In each of the 10 cities, Strike Out Cancer partners, local physicians

and patients will be joined by Paul Molitor, former MLB All-Star and coach

Don Baylor, a multiple myeloma survivor and colon cancer caregiver, or

former MLB All-Star and colon cancer survivor Eric Davis. As national

spokespersons, they are dedicated to making a positive impact by sharing

personal and inspirational stories about living or caring for someone with


"As a new member of the Strike Out Cancer team, I am honored to join

Paul Molitor and Eric Davis to speak about the importance of seeking out

education and support after a cancer diagnosis," said Don Baylor. "After

caring for my mother who battled colon cancer, I knew the importance of

maintaining a positive state of mind during treatment when I was diagnosed

with multiple myeloma. Along my road to recovery, I spoke openly about my

experience to players and family, and didn't let it stand in the way of

doing what I loved - working in the game of baseball."

Strike Out Cancer Online

From new discoveries in cancer management to in-depth information on

Strike Out Cancer partners, http://www.StrikeOutCancer.com is a comprehensive

online resource designed to assist all people affected by cancer. Visit the

Web site to find out about upcoming "Strike Out Cancer" events and the

variety of ways individuals can personally make a difference.

Strike Out Cancer Partners

The Wellness Community, celebrating its 24th anniversary in June 2006,

is an international, non-profit organization dedicated to providing free

support, education and hope to people affected by cancer. Through

participation in professionally-led support groups, educational workshops,

nutrition and exercise programs, and mind/body classes, people affected by

cancer learn vital skills that enable them to regain control, reduce

isolation and restore hope -- regardless of the stage of their disease.

Today, there are 21 Wellness Communities across the United States, five in

development, 28 satellites, two centers abroad in Tokyo and Tel Aviv, and a

community online at The Virtual Wellness Community. At the Wellness

Community, all programs are free of charge.

breastcancer.org is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing

the most reliable, complete and up-to-date information about breast cancer.

breastcancer.org helps women and their loved ones make sense of the complex

medical and personal information about breast cancer so they can make the

best decisions for their lives.

CancerCare is a national non-profit organization that provides free

professional support services to anyone affected by cancer: people with

cancer, caregivers, children, loved ones, and the bereaved. CancerCare

programs -- including counseling, education, financial assistance and

practical help -- are provided by trained oncology social workers and are

completely free of charge.

Colon Cancer Alliance is a national non-profit patient advocacy

organization dedicated to ending the suffering caused by colorectal cancer

through patient support, education, research and advocacy. CCA is the

official patient support partner of Katie Couric's National Colorectal

Cancer Research Alliance (NCCRA).

Lung Cancer Alliance is the only national non-profit organization

dedicated solely to patient support and advocacy for people living with

lung cancer or those at risk for the disease. Lung Cancer Alliance

initiatives aim to educate public policy leaders of the need for greater

resources for lung cancer research while changing the face of lung cancer

and reducing the stigma associated with the disease. The Lung Cancer

Alliance has unique patient education and support programs focused on

helping people directly affected by lung cancer.

SOURCE The Wellness Community

Web Site: http://www.StrikeOutCancer.com/

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