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more problems

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Larry has had another MRI after increading pain to his hip. It was done without contrast, but they said they could tell there was no mets there, but that he does need a new hip. Also has sciatica in the same side.

He slept the other day all day. Spent yesterday at the hospital and then today is sleeping. He is taking way too many pain meds for my taste..it scare me. He is still working most weeks, but we just never know when that could change. He has not gotten the gemzar n ow for 2 weeks due to the pain. He also still has alot of swelling in his legs from the gemzar. things just aren't going as I would like. I am trying to get appts. for him and my mom who has pancreatic cancer at City of Hope in Calif. asap. I will feel better for both of them after getting a second opinion.

Has anyone else had problems with pain in the hips?? could this be something they can't see on a scan? he also just had a bone scan..it showed major bone degeneration, but no mets..



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I am sorry Larry is still having so much pain in his hips. At least you have ruled out the cancer causing it so that must be some comfort. Ken had pretty bad hip pain that was caused by degenerative disc disease in his back, but I don't think it was as bad as Larry's.

I hope you are doing o.k. now. You just have so much to deal with, any one situation would be enough. Of course, the stress of another hurricane season coming probably does not help. Keeping you in my prayers.

Karen H

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