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Iressa and drug interactions


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I was wondering if everyone was aware of the drugs you should avoid while on iressa. Some cause the Iressa to be processed to quickly (inducers)making it ineffective while some make the process to slow(inhibitors) and make the side effects more severe while making the iressa ineffective also. I found this out from the FDA and AstraZeneca (makers of Iressa). There are over 150 conventional drugs that cause these interactions and to name a few Tagament, Phenobarbital, glucosteroids and Erythromycin. Also a lot of herbs and supplements are also processed the same way.(my father has recently stopped his supplements). The pathway these drugs and Iressa use is called CYP3A4. you can read the FDA report at the link below.

http://www.fda.gov/ohrms/dockets/ac/02/ ... Zeneca.pdf


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