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Lung Cancer Alliance Applauds Court Decision

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Lung Cancer Alliance Applauds Court Decision

Wednesday May 3, 11:50 am ET

WASHINGTON, May 3 /PRNewswire/ -- The Lung Cancer Alliance applauds yesterday's court decision on the rights of terminally ill cancer patients to take experimental drugs.

"In essence, the D.C. District Court of Appeals said the rights of terminally ill cancer patients must be protected and not dismissed lightly -- and we completely agree," said Laurie Fenton, president of the Lung Cancer Alliance.


In 2003, The Abigail Alliance and the Washington Legal Foundation filed suit against the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in order to give terminally ill cancer patients access to drugs that have passed initial safety tests but not the full regalia of clinical trials normally required for approval.

The D.C. District Court dismissed the case in 2004, but today the D.C. Appeals Court panel overturned that ruling in a 2-1 decision, and declared the case must be heard by the lower court.

"This issue is extremely complicated and cannot be resolved unless all parties -- the medical community, the regulatory agencies, the drug development and research communities, and patient advocates -- are willing to work together creatively and constructively to address the needs of dying patients," Fenton said.

"The Lung Cancer Alliance commends The Abigail Alliance and the Washington Legal Foundation for their commitment and determination to give this issue the public airing and robust debate it deserves," Fenton concluded.

The Lung Cancer Alliance (http://www.LungCancerAlliance.org) is the only national non-profit organization dedicated to patient support and advocacy for those living with lung cancer and those at risk for the disease. In March 2006, LCA launched a blog (http://www.LungCancerAllianceBlog.org) to give the lung cancer community a forum to share ideas, exchange information, and support one another.

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