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PET scan


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My husband is in the hospital for the 3rd time in 7 weeks with pneumonia.

He's not scheduled for his PET scan until 9/12 because of having 8 add'l radiation tx's 3 weeks ago. We want to have the PET scan moved up because now the surgeon who did the bronch said since he still can't get to the lower lobe due to the blockage he can't be sure if it's new tumor(which is what they told us a few weeks ago and why he was given addl radiation), scar tissue or tumor residue. We haven't spoken to the onc since this scope was done Fri.(holiday weekend). But after the radiation he said that if the PET is done too soon the radiated area could give false positives. But how is that if what makes the cancer cells light up is the glucose uptake from what is injected prior to the scan? Is there anyone out there who could shed some light on this? The onc wants to start my husband on Iressa. But if the surgeon could not say for sure this is new tumor then what the heck is going on?


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Hi Chris,

Lots of things can cause false negatives/positives on a PET. If youre not clear as to what is going on or why the PET wouldnt be effective, ask onc to explain again till you are clear. Everything seems worse when we dont understand completely. Infections can light up on a PET scan. My father hasnt had radiation yet so Ive never looked into that.

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