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Knot in the stomach


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My mom completed her last chemo 5/4 and last radiation on 5/9. She was having problems eating toward the end of her treatment and complaining of a 'knot in her stomach' (upper stomach, lower esophagus aread). I know this is a common problem that people have with radiation. And I know it will take awhile for her to recouperate. She is not quite as fatigued as she had been and has been keeping herself very busy (I'd say to the point of overdoing it), but the knot in her stomach is not getting any better, in fact she thinks it is worse. Has anyone else experienced this lingering effect after radiation and experienced it getting worse? Of course my fear is that it is the tumor causing her discomfort. She did have a scan done yesterday and has a follow-up visit with her doc on Wednesday. I know she has a prsecription for Protonix but don't know if she is taking it regularly.

Thanks, Karen

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I Can not speak for every one and it has been a while But I would say definitely make a note to ask Onc on Wednesday. Youwill have to see if anty others had problem. Keep us posted.

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