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Anyone ever have their iris examined by a nutricianist?


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Has anyone else out there had "irisology." I'm sure that's not what it's called (left my paperwork at home) but essentually you have your eyes/iris examined as they indicated health problems/issues within your body. Definiciencies, problem areas etc. I had a preliminary exam done. The doctor looked in my right eye and said your having some shoulder and back pain right now (which I am having). She also told me I was a "non secreter" (whatever that means), my immune systems was battling itself and out of whack and that I had scar tissue issues. I've had 3 chest surgeries, 12 abdominal surgeries and a couple of other surgeries in my life so I'm sure I have a bunch of scar tissue. It was pretty interesting as she knew nothing about me, not even my name. I was in a random group, we just stood in line and took a turn. She seemed pretty good and it was interesting. If I choose to pursue it she has classes and/or personal attention. She also has a lymphatic machine that she can use on you to help drain your system (has anyone else tried this?) She will also custom design a health system--diet, exercise, suppliments--to help you with your individual needs. It may be hoax or a gimick but I do believe in all that natural stuff-so I think I may go to a regular class and see what she has to say. I really want to build up my immune system so that I can be strong to fight this stuff if I ever have a reoccurance. Plus I'd really like to feel better/more healthy-I guess.

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I have never heard of anything like that but it sounds fascinating!

She really said all that without a clue of your background??? Freaky!

I know what you mean about wanting to do everything and anything to prevent a recurrence. I have been scoping out clinical trials involving vaccines that are supposed to boost your immune system (in theory -- they all seem to be Phase I). It scares me to think about a Phase I trial, but I want to get all the info I can and participate if it sounds good.

God forbid I have a recurrence, I want to at least be able to say that I did everything in my power to prevent it. (i.e. excercise, good nutrition, proper rest, use all resources available)

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I'm going to sign up for a consult. I'm also definately going to try the lymphatic stimulis machine. I keep thinking that if I keep the lymph nodes clear and draining things won't have a chance to build up? Probably childish thinking I know BUT.........

Ever since I was diagnonsed I've been taking Enviodetox, colostrum, lymphomax pills and a mega green protein drink. that green drink is great!!! I could tell a difference in my hair and nails almost immediately. In the phamphlet from the Irisology doctor she talks about what type of water to drink to detoxify your system etc. I suppose it would be cheapier to read books but I'm just not good at that. I want someone to guide me and tell me what to do. I definately believe in all the medical stuff but I think it should be combined with the organic stuff as well.

If your interested I'll keep you posted on what she tells me.

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