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Is this Normal?


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My father has been going downhill rapidly these last 2 weeks. He is now coughing, whereas before he seldom coughed. He is coughing up blood and tires very easily. He met with his oncologist and he is starting a new chemo tomorrow (carbo?? and gemzar). He had his last chemo treatment in October 2005.

My understanding of the procedure is that you kick back the cancer with chemo and then wait for it to grow again, then do chemo.

Is it normal to get so sick so fast once the cancer starts growing again?

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I haven't stopped chemo yet, so I cannot tell you much. But I was on carbo and gemzar with good results. I had about a 50% reduction in tumor size. It was tough on my blood counts though - so they took me off it. I fely fine, but my white counts, and platelets were always low.

Good luck.


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I just read your question and I was thinking that there is no easy answer to your question. Cancer is complicated and there are no two cases alike. There are no two people alike. People are in different physical conditions aside from their cancer. In other words, I think the answer to your question would be that every case is different. As for chemo treatment, the hope is always for a cure , but most of the time it is more realistic to hope for stability or remission. In a lot of cases , the disease would progress much more rapidly without the chemo. You have to remember that the longer a patient stays alive, there is always the chance for newer , more improved treatments to surface and ultimately a cure. I do believe that will happen .

My best to your father and your family.


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