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LC from Showering! Radioactive contaminents

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Our city sent out a flyer about our water ( how great a job they do) but in the listing of things they test water for was Radioactive Contaminants. Most of the mid west has this in the ground and we all know to test our basements for radio active levels could be elevated. This is new info to me about danger in water! Read below.

Radon is radioactive gas which is naturally occuring in some groundwater and is caused by the erosion of natural deposits. It poses a lung cancer risk when gas is released from the water into air. ( as occurs during showering, bathing, or washing dishes or clothes) and stomach cancer when ingested. Because radon in indoor air poses a much greater health risk than radon in drinking water, an Alternative Maximum Contaminant Level (AMCL) of 4000 pCi/L may apply in states that have adoped an indoor air program which compels citizens , homeowners, schools, and communities to reduce the radon threat from indoor air. For states without such a program, the MC of 300 pCi/L may apply. Minnesota plans to adopt an indoor air program once the radon rule is finalized. For more information on radon see


Donna G

Radon guide to renters says:

Did You Know That . . .

Research shows that radon causes between 7,000 and 30,000 lung cancer deaths each year in the United States.

Over one-third of all housing units in this country are rental units. Most of these are either single family houses or apartments located below the third floor of a building.

People living in rented houses and apartment buildings can find out whether there are high levels of radon gas in their homes. Building owners can fix radon problems by having repairs made to the building.

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