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First Descents

Remembering Dave

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I just watched a piece on The Today Show about a camp called First Descents somewhere around Vail CO. It is a Kayaking camp for kid cancer survivors. I started crying thinking about these kids fighting this disease. I am 39 years old and consider myself very young to have to fight the fight but at least I have realized some of my dreams and done things in my life that I have always wanted to do. These kids are not even old enough to have dreams for the most part. My sister has worked for the National Childrens Cancer Foundation ( NCCF ) in LA CA as one of the head fund raisers for many years but I never realized what that organization was truely about until I saw this piece this morning on these kids. Even having cancer myself now I have not thought about these little children who have to fight cancer also. If I could do anything to save these kids I feel I would definitely do it. I feel like I am rambling but if you ever have a chance to donate to the NCCF ( or any other kid cancer support/research organization) of your money or your time I urge you to do so for these kids really deserve to live a life. If any of you have any questions about helping out with NCCF let me know and I will get you in touch with my sister.

David C

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