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disease progression.


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Hi All,

I was diagnosed with Stage IV NSCLC about 15 months ago. I had mets to brain and bone and have had 2 radio surgeries and 2 radiation for bone pain.

Other than that I have felt good and normal. My question is can I expect that now we will be going down this route - pain, needs radiation or brain met needs radio surgery? What I am trying to determine is if I should expect that the LC will start creating more and more problems. So far I have had no pulmonary function degradation, although it is a large tumor.

I would be interested in others experience.



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I think every time Lucie has a bout with the nsclc, it is stronger. it would make sense that the cancer cells that survive the chemo would be the strongest.

Her first chemo really knocked the cancer back. The next chemo, a different one, also knocked the cancer back and there was less of it. The next chemo held everything steady. And the fourth chemo did nothing. The chemo she is under now is like the first chemo, with Avastin added, and that has been very effective so far. So, essentially, the onc brought in the "big guns" again. Don

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I'm glad your pulmonary function is okay. I have no answers for you but I wish you all the best of luck. I had stage IIIA but I guess it is okay for the moment. Had lung surgery and that left me a lot shorter of breath doing steps and any exertion. Other than that I seem to be the same and the cat scan was okay last time. I am not on oxygen or anything like that, just inhalers and advair. A lot of people with stage Iv have been helped on this site. Best wishes!


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