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Aventis says Taxotere helps fight early lung cancer

Thu August 14, 2003 03:25 AM ET

In PARIS story headlined "Aventis says Taxotere helps fight early lung cancer" please read in first paragraph ...Franco-German... instead of ...Franco-American... (correcting nationality)

A corrected version follows:

PARIS, Aug 14 (Reuters) - Franco-German drug maker Aventis AVEP.PA said on Thursday recent studies showed its Taxotere drug was beneficial in initial chemotherapy to fight non-small cell lung cancer.

A French Phase II study showed a doubling of the three year survival rate when Taxotere was administered with chemotherapy agent cisplatin followed by cancer-fighting drug vinorelbine versus a dose of cisplatin and vinorelbine followed by Taxotere, Aventis said.

A German Phase II study showed a median survival rate of 8.5 months compared with 6.2 months when Taxotere was administered before gemcitabine as opposed to afterwards in advanced non-small cell lung cancer, Aventis said.

A third study showed elderly patients with advanced non-small lung cancer who received Taxotere with a platinum compound had an improved median survival compared to a combined dose of vinorelbine and cisplatin, Aventis said.

The studies were presented at the 10th World Lung Conference in Vancouver, Canada

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