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Need Posters

Guest Sally

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I have done quite a lot of research into lung cancer since my young brother was diagnosed. I'm shocked at the statistics.

I am currently looking for posters to place in my daughters school to encourage children not to START smoking (Not cool, etc). 80% of all 5 years olds know about smoking. We need to do more to inform our kids at an earlier age about the dangers.

I got some wonderful posters from the Irish Cancer Society that had cigarette ends being quenched in pots of beauty cream, etc, but these are for adults. I've seen some great TV adds on the BBC promoting how cool it is NOT to smoke.

Any help on this would be great

Thanks to you all,


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Here in the states there are so many organizations to go to, American Lung Assoc. , many anti smoking assoc as MPAAT( Minnesota partnership against tobacco ) but I have no idea where you would go in Ireland. Donna G

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You are right it does need to start earlier. My husband told me he remembers smoking at age 5. He and his buddies had a little camp in the woods and they would steal their mother's cigarettes and smoke them at the camp. Wonder they didn't start a major fire!

The posters are a great idea.

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