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Mass License plates for Cancer available


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New ’Conquer Cancer’ license plates unveiled

By Galen Moore/ Daily News Staff

Tuesday, August 22, 2006 - Updated: 01:58 AM EST

A single teardrop falls from an eternal flame, the sun both sets and rises, and a lone star in the background is for wishing on: that was the scene unveiled at the State House yesterday.

It is already stamped on 1,600 new special license plates, benefiting the Massachusetts Conquer Cancer Coalition. The design was created by Jonathan Zuker, son of Susan Zuker, a Newton resident who founded the coalition with Jonathan and her other son, Matthew. The plates, unveiled yesterday, were issued two weeks ago to the 1,600 who signed up in advance.

"I’ve waited for this day," said 60-year-old Mary O’Regan of West Roxbury. O’Regan’s father died of cancer 21 years ago this September. She was present with her husband to see the unveiling of the plate that is already affixed to her car. "I know he’d be proud of me today," she said of her father.

Zuker, whose husband Michael died of lung cancer in 2004, founded the Conquer Cancer Coalition with her two sons. While many organizations focus on fundraising to find a cure, the Conquer Cancer Coalition stands out in that three of the five programs it funds are focused on services for patients.

"It’s really seeing everyone as needing the emotional support, as well as the chemical support," said Richard Fahlander, vice president of development at the Wellness Community, a Newton Upper Falls-based center for cancer support and education.

Treatment is becoming more effective, and cancer patients are living longer, Fahlander said. As a result, services to help survivors and families are in demand.

The Conquer Cancer Coalition also funds the New England Coalition for Cancer Survivorship, the Kenneth B. Schwartz Center and cancer prevention research at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. A fifth portion of the program provides grants for cancer-related work statewide.

Zuker spoke to a small crowd gathered at the State House grand staircase, and remembered how the words "You have cancer" changed her life, when her husband heard them for the first time.

"I remember looking around the hospital waiting rooms and seeing all those who with their families were fighting for survival after they heard those three words," she said.

State Senate President Robert A. Travaglini, D-Boston, also spoke. Travaglini, who holds one of the new plates, recounted his own experience with cancer. "Immediately you acquire a clear vision of what’s important in life and the significance of the mission," he said. The license plate for him is not politics, he said, "It’s personal," and pledged to support further efforts to fight cancer.

Galen Moore is a Daily News Tribune staff writer. He can be reached on 781-398-8004, or gmoore@cnc.com.

To order a plate please contact the following link below;


thanks everyone

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