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chemo no side effects? does this mean it isn't working?


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Hello all, thanks to everyone who welcomed me.. a week ago. I got my father home almost two weeks ago, after he finished his first round of chemo. They told us that he would get sick, have low immunity, and feel horrible.. Well, it is now the 13th day from that 7-14 day period. NOT A THING!!! Trust me, I am grateful, but it kind of freaks me out wondering if maybe it just isn't penetrating him.. The only side effect so far is that he has lost 16 pounds in the 2 weeks.. Yet he has eaten 3 meals a day, his appetite is well. He says his taste is off but he is hungry. He has his second round of the same chemo drugs in a week, and he is planning to go to Las Vegas to meet his life long friends one day after that treatment ends. Because he thinks that the second chemo series won't effect him either. Honestly it scares me to death because I am not going with him, but then at the same time, I have to still respect him as my father and want him to live his life the way that he wants too.. SO I was wondering if anyone else has had any of these experiences of no reactions to the chemo, but did it still react to the cancer, and does it sometimes creep up on you the second time around?

Thanks so much, Heather

Dad has lung cancer that has spread to both adrenal glands.. They tell us its "advanced" stage, whatever that means, they don;t tell us anything else...

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After just completeing 6 cycles of carbo/taxol I can tell you that the effects of chemo are accumulative. The first week the only thing that happened was that I lost my hair. Throughout the entire 6 cycles I did not experience any nausea, but was taking anti-nausea drugs, which may have contributed greatly there. Starting with the 2nd cycle I began to experience fatigue, which usually set in about the 2nd or 3rd day after chemo and would last 3-5 days.

My cycles were every 3 weeks. Generally I would have a bad week, one week so/so, and the final week would be good. Everyone reacts to chemo differently. They told me that absolutely I would be sick (nausea) and it never happened.

I hope this information helps.

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Heather, the side effects bear no relationship to the effectiveness of the chemo. Different drugs have different side effects at different times, and of course, all people are different, too. Even if there are never any bad side effects, the chemo may still be kicking the cancer's a@@! :) Let's hope it does. Best wishes, Teresa

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