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Ever wonder where your Chemo Drug Starts????


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Acid found in moss can cure cancer!

Asian News International

London, October 10, 2006

Researchers claim that a compound derived from tiny lichens (moss) could be used in chemotherapy drugs to kill cancer cells.

Laboratory tests of the compound - usnic acid - have shown that the substance is an effective anti-cancer agent, and that it lacks the toxic side-effects of traditional chemotherapy drugs.

Dr Virginia Appleyard, from Dundee University, said that unlike current drugs, usnic acid does not provoke DNA damage that can later result in the development of a secondary tumour.

"The interesting thing about this research is that many of the current drugs in chemotherapy provoke DNA damage. This can result in a secondary tumour developing later in life, especially for young patients. But the usnic acid did not produce this same effect," the Scotsman quoted her, as saying.

Usnic acid is already being used in anti-inflammatory and anti-viral drugs, but boffins are now hopeful that it can be used for cancer therapies as well.

The compund was tested on breast and lung cancer cells, and the study team said it could prove effective against many different types of cancer. Of late, researchers have been trying to find natural sources to derive compounds which may fight the cancer.

Dr Appleyard said cancer researchers were now moving on to animal trials of the compound, which if successful, would pave the path for the development of clinical trials.

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Isn't that Interesting.

I bet down the road there will be a follow up article about Chinese herbalist that have known this for a long time and are already using Lichen (fungus and algae) in naturalpathic cancer treatments in China.

Lichen, made of algae and fungus covers lava rocks like slippery fabric. Lichen is what reduces rock to soil and sand.

Knowing this I researched and found a supplement which contains mushroom and funcus extracts and Lisa takes it twice daily. She does report that sometimes her bowel movements are a bit green. One research says that certain mushrooms, algae, and fungus are anticancer because they cause the immune system to recognize them as foreign bodies and goes into killer mode and in the process hiding cancer cells are killed as well. I'm sure there is a more scientific explanation as well.

Speaking of bowel movements, I've been preparing all day to have a colonoscopy on Thurs. I think the day before is worst than the day of considering the laxatives and purging going on. It's a routine screen and I'm all for early detection when it comes to cancer. Found that out the hard way.

Chuck (Chanwit)

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Thanks and Prayers for good scan Chanwit. I know the chineese are way ahead of us in htese areas. I wish we could lock every RESEARCHER in the world ina room together and give them all the money they needed for a cure. Prayers for good scans and Thanks for the Info sharing.

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