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Colonoscopy Finally Performed


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Things finally stabilized enough so I could get my doctor recommended Colonoscopy since 7 mos ago.

For once it was the caretaker in the procedure room with O2 hooked to my nose, IV in my arm, and naked to the bone except for the hospital gown with the opening down the backside.

It went real smooth. About the time I was asking if I would see anything on the scope screen I went to sleep due to something they injected in my arm. Then it was over and I was passing gas due to the air that the probe injects into the colon. I heard the nurse say in a sureal dream that he's passing gas so it's time to send him home from recovery room.

It is required that someone drive you home and I can see why. I thought I was awake but the next day I couldn't remember exact details.

Colonoscopy was Normal. Recommendations:

Maintain a high fiber diet.

Repeat colonoscopy in 10 years.

Glad that's over - Chanwit

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