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Pancoast- Rocco, Tracy, grammy bear, mhutch1366,Rita Bubb

Donna G

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Posted: Thu Sep 11, 2003 3:04 pm

The September meeting of the Pancoast Tumor Survivors. Calling Grammy Bear or Gary, Tracy for her Dad, JudyB or Siana for her Mom, Rocco, Rita Bubb, Mhutch1366 alias MaryAnn, Keith of Oklahoma, Ry for John and Laurene if we can find her. Counting me that makes 10 of us should attend . New members are welcome to join in.

Please let us know how you are doing. How's Gary? Tracy you're Dad finished Radiation, just finishing up chemo, how is he doing? Siena thanks for keeping us posted on JudyB , any results yet from the T1, T2 hot spot? Rocco how are you? Rita Bubb is the acupuncture working? Laurene are you still visiting the board, how are you? Welcome MaryAnn who delivered a 13 # tumor 3 yrs ago , so glad you are here to share your story. MaryAnn wondered if we met in the chat room . Does any one want a once a month chat night in the chat room?

Please remember Mary Inmanns sister we lost 6/30 and Christina871's husband Chris we lost 7/11 I hope they find peace.

I hope we hear GOOD NEWS from all of you. Donna G

PS Did you all meet Keith? He has joined board and tells me he is one of us!!


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Hey Donna,

I think a chat room night for your little sub-group is a great idea. From reading your earlier descriptions of a pancoast tumor, I am sure my husband is also in your club. Please add him to your membershipt list. Is there dues? Anyway, if you set up a chat night, I'll have him there (his name is John).

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Got a beautiful private email from our newest member mhutch1366 (Mary Ann) she would like a monthly chat with Pancoast tumor survivors. I think she has a lot to share with us. I hope every one checks in and posts here so we can keep track of how we are all doing. Donna G

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Hi Donna G.

Thank you for thinking of me.It's Gary (had trouble logging in).

I hope all is well.

I'm going for a CT scan this Wed. to check on my status.My last CT Scan showed some shrinkage of the tumor on the right side of my lung.It also showed, possibly some growth of the tumor in the center of my chest.The oncologist wasn't certain,because of an unclear picture (fluid?).

I had the fourth chemo treatment on Sept. 12th.

Last week was hard because of fatigue,but the nausea and appetite disruption wasn't as bad.I actually gained back the four pounds I had lost the last time.

My oncologist was aiming for 6 treatments of chemo (1x every 3 weeks) before radiation,or sooner.I have an appt.with him to discuss the results of the CT scan before the next chemo date.

I was the best man at our oldest son's wedding on the 6th of this month.It was a proud moment indeed.

I continue to fight the cancer.I have my off moments.It has not been easy,but I can imagine that it could've been much worse.

I think of you all on the LCS forum and wish the best.


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