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Facial Paralysis


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Hi everyone - Need your input once again. My Mom presented with facial paralysis on Friday night. Took her to ER. Ct scan and MRI ruled out any new brain mets. (She had just had stereotactic radiosurgery on Wed). Stroke is ruled out. Hemmoraging is ruled out. Her muscle strength is good. The most worrisome thing is she has some mental confusion. I don't know if that is from WBR?? They are doing a spinal tap this afternoon to check for cancer cells in the cerebro-spinal fluid. This is what I fear.

Has anyone had experience with this? Thanks, Brandie

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I asked you in previous post, but do you know if there is any brain swelling or radiation necrosis? Both of these things can present the same symptoms as new mets.

So, even though there are no new mets, is there swelling or necrosis? I would ask the Dr. about that ASAP, as there may be drugs and treatments that can help the face paralysis.

My mom's paralysis was on her left side and it was caused by a combo of brain swelling and radiation necrosis. I wish she would have had treatment offered as soon as she started getting weakness in her left side bc maybe therapy could have helped. We are still unsure whether the symptoms were caused by the WBR (which I lean toward) or the SRS.

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