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nodules calcified and some aren't what am I to look forward


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Hello all,

I have had 4 nodules removed from liver. They were all supposed to be benign. But now I have two on right lower lobe of lung and one on the right adrenal gland. The one on my gland is 1.5 cm which is bigger than the two on my lung. There is only one that has calcified, it is on my lung. The Doctor says in Febuary we will do another ct to check if there will be any change. My family history has lung, stomac&colon cancer. My voice also changes dramatically. It could be deep,soft or whispery. I have also had problems with my breathing. It isn't from breathing deseases. I am only 43 yrs old and from the psfiser test it says I have the lungs of a 84 yr old. I also am in confusion of what kind of Doctor I should see. The pullmonary told me to get in with an urologist. The pulmonary Dr. is leaving it up too my family Dr. I have also been experiancing stomach pain severely and very strong backwash of something. It burns all the way from stomach to throat and is makes me neuseated. Any suggestions on any of this from anyone? I have recently stopped smoking was smoking 2 1/2 pks a day. Oh and when I went to er for breathing probs. the breathing treatments did not work very well. Then they gave me some steroids, it seemed like that helped more than anything else. Someone please help?!!! :?

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Hi there, Debbe!

The first thing that popped to my mind, while reading your post, was Valley Fever, aka Coccidioidomycosis. It is very common in the Southwest. Have you been tested? When they biopsied your liver, did they say what type of "benign" entity it was? VF can attack the organs you've had affected. It can also calcify lesions. Histoplasmosis can do the same.

In the meantime, welcome! These nodules are really nerve wracking, but, at least they seem to be keeping a good eye on whatever it is. Keep asking, and don't quit 'til you get the answers you need! I'll be praying that it isn't LC. Keep us posted!

Yours in HOPE!!


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Thank you for replying to my requset and yes I will be taking both of yalls advice. I was told that the nodules on liver was granlomas benign of course. But over the weekend I had to go to the er. My stomache was killing me and that boling irritating feeling was in it also. The Doctor done a few test and he suggest that when I see the Doctor that done the endoscopic, to inform him of what I was experiancing. He said that either the h pylori did not go away or it could be my liver acting up.

I get so tired. My son took my husband and I fishing yesterday for a few hours and all I could do is sleep. What a blast my family has with me huh! Will I ever gaain enough strength to do something? I ought to be used to not being able to do much with me having dystonia but this what ever it is zaps everything from me. As far as looking else where for answers with other Doctors, beleive me I will do that. I have had to do that for years with my other rare disability. Yet, I know that Doctors are only human and the only one capable of performing a miracle is the Lord. I also realize we sometimes have to suffer some while here on earth, yet Jesus suffered more than we will ever suffer. So with his strength and people who understand I will get through this and all things. My family are really wonderful, exspecially my husband. We have been married for almost 27 years now. Through the good and bad we toughed it out together. But sometimes I do feel a bit quilty for him and the kids to have went through so much with me. If it would have been them I would always be there to help if there was any way that I could. Well thx again.

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