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  1. Thank you, Connie. I have a dear friend who is not computer "savvy" and really could use a resource such as this. On a personal note...I hope you are recovering well and feeling better! You are such a CHAMPION!!! Hugs! Stacey
  2. Dazy


    Words simply cannot convey my sorrow...I'll just send hugs instead... ~ Stacey
  3. Dazy

    Scan results

    Oh Fred ~ that is WONDERFUL news!!! I haven't been around for awhile and just read Tracy's good news. I was already enjoying a frosty Corona at the Pub when I read your good news!! So, Kasey, another Corona please? and a drink on me for you two, as well!! Wow, at this rate, I am gonna be hammered by noon... With GREAT GLADNESS & Big Hugs!!!!!! Stacey P.S. With ALL this good news, Kasey, I just KNOW you are gonna be next!! GREAT news coming from your clan these days...you guys are on a roll!!!
  4. ...Thinking of you and hoping all went well! Yours in HOPE! Stacey
  5. BTW - a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Wishing you MANY more!!! Gotta love the Ativan... (((HUGS, Judy)))
  6. Sonya, this was also posted by a wonderful fellow Arizonan/LCSC member, "MaxL", in the "Introduce Yourself" forum. I am adding it here, in case you missed it. LOTS of valuable info here: Hi Sonya. I live in Glendale Arizona and have just gone through lung cancer treatment. Years ago my brother-in-law was in the same position as you, and he was able to get on a medical program here in Arizona called AHCCCS,ARIZONA HEALTH CARE COST CONTAINMENT PROGRAM.Here is some information that I just found on GOOGLE. Below is the telephone number and once you contact them an AHCCCS eligibility specialist will review your application to find the program or programs that you and your family may qualify for. The eligibility specialist will send it to the right agency or AHCCCS department(s) which will decide your eligibility. You will receive a phone call or a letter if there is anything else you need to do or send. Most programs do not need a face-to-face interview if we can contact you by phone. You can get an application or get help filling it in between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Call (602) 417-5010, then press 1, or call toll free 1-800-528-0142 then press 1. Where exactly do you live in Arizona? I really do want to add that now is a critical time for you to stay as positive as you can. I realize how difficult this is to do, but it really is important that you do so. Keep in touch with this site as this support group helped me get through the tight spots and will do so for you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. _________________ Thanks Max!!! Hope you are recovering well!!! ~ Stacey
  7. Hi Sonya! I replied to your original post in the "introduce yourself" section, as well. As I had said in my other post, this could be many other things than LC. We have ALOT of Valley Fever in AZ and it can cause similar symptoms. VF is certainly no picnic, and would also need to be treated/managed, but it is better than LC. Either way, you definitely need to see a doc and get this figured out. I live in Mesa, AZ. Where are you located? I will do my BEST to get you some help. PM me if you do not want to post where you live. My son works at Mayo, and I am pretty good at advocacy - given a chance. Yours in HOPE! Stacey
  8. Dazy

    She's gone.......

    I am so sorry to hear this, Stephanie. I have no real comforting words to offer...just hugs. ~Stacey
  9. Dazy

    Neutra Phos

    I have no info (other than what you found online) about this stuff. I just wanted to tell you I hope they can eliminate this junk from your regime and you can get to feeling a little better. (((HUGS))) ~Stacey
  10. Hi Judy ~ I had a bone marrow extraction and bone biopsy (rear left hip) last summer. While not a pleasant experience and quite uncomfortable, it was managed with only 1mg of Xanax - 1 hr. prior, and some heavy local anesthesia. You feel alot of pressure and a BRIEF sharp "twinge" when they extract marrow. You feel a slightly lesser but similar sensation when they take the bone sample. It is totally do-able as an outpatient procedure. I am a big WUSS and I did okay. My son works at Mayo and a nurse there said approximately 80% of the patients are able to tolerate it without a general. I will have to have them every year/other year as I had some abnormalities in my marrow. Just look into something to help you relax, (or IV meds would be nice ) it is fairly quick and then you will be out and back home. Just be sure to take it easy for the remainder of the day. I'll be praying for you and holding your hand in spirit on Thursday! And looking forward to your posting of good CLEAN results! Yours in HOPE! Stacey P.S. (Added after original post...) I just noticed that your biopsy is being done on your vertebra..? If that is the case, I guess a slightly different procedure would be done. Should have read more closely... Either way ~ I am wishing you all the very BEST and praying for an easy procedure! ((HUGS!))
  11. Dazy


    - I just don't know what else to say...
  12. Hi Sonya! I'm a fellow "Zonie" ! how can I help? How "out in the middle of nowhere" are you...? As long as there is a dirt road nearby, we can get ya some help!! (and even if there isn't a dirt road, i've got 4wd!! ) Seriously, I am sorry you are dealing with all of this worry, especially without insurance and resources. But it may not be LC! We, in AZ, live in the Valley Fever hotbed. VF can also cause exactly what you are describing, and while no picnic, it is immensely more manageable than LC! Let us know where you are, or PM me. Maybe I can help... I can certainly try! Hang in there! Yours in HOPE! Stacey
  13. Hi again, Cathy ~ I think, personally, I would tell her, BUT in the calmest, most honest way possible. Give her ALL the info but make sure she knows that it very well COULD BE NOTHING. Given the fact that you are a nurse, I think she will take her biggest "cues" from you. That way, she will trust that she will get the facts from you. Personally, I do not believe ignorance is bliss - and for me, at least, it would be far more frightening to think someone was keeping the total truth from me. Hopefully, you will feel better after talking to her doc. Maybe they can get an expedited appointment for the CT so you can get some quick answers and put this behind you! Praying for good outcomes! Yours in HOPE! Stacey
  14. Hi again Hopeandstrength! Sorry you are having to face this worry again , BUT it could be so MANY other things, too! Especially on xray. It could simply be artifact, or residual infection/inflammation. When I picture "squiggly thing" on xray, I imagine it looks like what is described as "ground glass" opacity. It looks kinda like wisps of smoke, or "squiggly". I believe GGO can show up in pneumonia, and other infections, as well as some LC's. TRY not to worry too much (easier said than done, I know... ) Wait until after the scan - who knows - maybe it will be resolved by then...POOF! It does happen. That is what I will be hoping & praying for!! In the meantime...Wishing you & your Mom a Happy, worry (and LC) free 2008!!! Keep us posted! Yours in HOPE! Stacey
  15. Silly girl....OF COURSE you'll be back! LOTS of love, hugs, prayers and POSITIVE VIBES are heading your way! I'll be looking forward to meeting you & Geri at the Pub in January, so hurry up & get well!!! HUGS to you, too, Katie!! You are such an angel! Yours in HOPE! Stacey
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