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This election day...... from the American Lung Association


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We need your help in spreading the word. This Election Day - Tuesday, November 7 - voters in 7 states will go to the polls and vote on critical tobacco issues, including smokefree measures, tobacco tax increases and funding tobacco prevention programs. This is a plea to mobilize your family and friends in every state voting on these issues in support of these ballot initiatives.

The tobacco companies have poured almost $100 MILLION into these states attempting to defeat these ballot initiatives. Big Tobacco is fighting these measures because they know that smokefree laws, tobacco tax increases and tobacco prevention programs are highly effective at reducing smoking. Once again, Big Tobacco is putting its profits ahead of Americans' health and lives.

In Arizona, Nevada and Ohio - the tobacco companies and tobacco retailers have stooped to an all-time low by drafting their own ballot measures. For example, while the smokefree workplace initiative supported by the American Lung Association and our public health partners is called "Smokefree Ohio" the tobacco industry's initiative is called "Smoke Less Ohio". Their initiative would actually allow smoking in many workplaces as well as repeal existing local smokefree air ordinances.

Please forward this message to your friends and family living in Arizona, California, Florida, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio and South Dakota and urge them to vote for public health. It is critical that we reach as many people as possible in all of these states. The tobacco industry has flooded the airwaves with their advertising. The votes will be close. We can’t match their television buys but with your help we will prevail. Don’t let Big Tobacco win!

Please Join The American Lung Association And Vote For Public Health And To Reduce The Toll Of Tobacco:

Arizona Prop 201 – Vote Yes on Prop 201 for a Smoke-Free Arizona, No on Prop 206

California Prop 86 – Vote Yes on Prop 86 to Increase the Cigarette Tax and Fund Tobacco Prevention

Florida Amendment 4 – Vote Yes on Amendment 4 to Increase Funding for Tobacco Prevention

Missouri Amendment 3 – Vote Yes on Amendment 3 to Increase Tobacco Taxes and Fund Tobacco Prevention

Nevada Question 5 – Vote Yes on Question 5 for a Smoke-Free Nevada, No on Question 4

Ohio Issue 5 – Vote Yes on Issue 5 for a Smoke-Free Ohio, No on Issue 4

South Dakota Measure 2 – Vote Yes on Measure 2 to Increase Tobacco Taxes and Fund Tobacco Prevention.



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