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Mom had gamma knife about a month ago for 1 small brain lesion. She has been on massive doses of steroids and is finally starting to wean off of them. She had a CT scan last week and the scans came back all clear except for some scar tissue in the lung w/has improved since last scan. My question is...is a CT scan enough for a recurrence? Should they be doing a PET scan or a bone scan? I am happy w/the news but i want to make sure it is thorough.



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Hi Rochelle..

MY doctors from the beginning have used both the ct and the pet scans. They each have different purposes. The pet scan will light up in the areas that cancer is growing. That is how it was with me. For 2 years I was getting pet and ct every 3 months. Altough the pet is very expensive It has been a great comfort that my doctor has ordered these test for me. These 2 test combined do a check and balance on each other. Also I am luckey in that my insurance will cover these test.Other wise I dont know if I could afford them. I am now at the point that I will be getting a ct every 4 months and a pet every 6 months.So far all is ned. I have had the pet light up a couple of times since but they ruled out cancer saying it is just at the site of the lobectomey. I am as you could guess lucky and happy to still be here with my family. I hope this has helped you in some way. Take care Bev

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