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  1. Marianne, welcome to the best support group you could hope for. My wife, Bev, was diagnosed with SCLC-Limited in Sept./04. She is doing very well right now. It is scary, but you can get through it and carry on. I hope you can take some solace in the success stories of the awesome fighters on this board. Best Wishes, Kim
  2. I just need to add that to all who have been or are still smokers to get a yearly ct scan. It will catch the cancer in it earliest stage before there are any symptoms. If you are having any symptoms a ct scan is what you will need not an xray. An xray will miss what a ct scan will show. I am not a doctor but have learned alot from going thru this. I was a smoker for many years and was afraid that I might get Lung Cancer. I saw Claudia Henske book Lung Cancer. After reading it I took her advice and started getting yearly CT scans. On my 3rd year of getting them, a small spot showed up on my rig
  3. bev

    Mom's Results

    Hi Rochelle.. MY doctors from the beginning have used both the ct and the pet scans. They each have different purposes. The pet scan will light up in the areas that cancer is growing. That is how it was with me. For 2 years I was getting pet and ct every 3 months. Altough the pet is very expensive It has been a great comfort that my doctor has ordered these test for me. These 2 test combined do a check and balance on each other. Also I am luckey in that my insurance will cover these test.Other wise I dont know if I could afford them. I am now at the point that I will be getting a ct
  4. Bev’s Story as told by Kim. On September 3, 2004, at the age of 48, Bev was diagnosed with SCLC. But her story actually begins years before. In her early 40’s, Bev began to experience various vague symptoms which, ultimately, turned out to be peri-menopausal, but got her into the doctor’s office often. They did a variety of tests, blood work, stress tests etc., but nothing came of it. They did caution her on the overall health of her lungs, as she had been a smoker since her teens. She eventually developed a case of pneumonia that required a brief hospital stay. A few years later, aft
  5. bev

    Mom started PCI

    Hi Rochelle, I wanted to respond to you about the effects of PCI. I was taking steroids to reduce the brain swelling.Which made me very hungry and full of energy in the beginning, but as the does lessend as it is suppose to . I would be very tired at times, also very nauses. I would have to make sure that I had crackers or something with me .It has been a year since I finished with PCI. I feel pretty good but there are still times when I get fatigued. And I think that PCI has effected my short term memory. But that could just be my aging. Any way I am thankfull that I had all of the treatmen
  6. I have just completed another 3 month pet and ct scans. Do not have any results back yet. I am feeling great, so I am trying not to worry. I should know by the end of the week the results. If all is still clear I will think about getting my port removed. Doc says if all is clear I will go to 4month cts and 6 month pet scans. Doc. says that if clean for 3 years I can consider myself cured.But feels that I am 80% there. I'll let you know how I do on my recent test. And I also need to update my profile. Talk to you soon. Bev
  7. http://www.nytimes.com/2005/06/22/healt ... ancer.html Chemotherapy Research Leads to Shifts in Lung Cancer Treatment By DENISE GRADY Published: June 22, 2005 For the first time in decades, doctors have begun making major changes in the treatment of lung cancer, based on research proving that chemotherapy can significantly lengthen life in many patients in whom it was previously thought to be useless. The shift in care applies to about 50,000 people a year in the United States who have early cases of the most common form of the disease, non-small-cell lung cancer, and whose tumors are r
  8. bev

    Nothing to Tell!

    You two have been thru so much. This is most deserving news for you. Keep on posting , Love to see you two so cozey on the couch. Bev
  9. bev


    No, I don't have a pet cat named Ned, but my scans did come back clear! All of you in this family have given me hope and inspiration. This truly is a wondrous support community. It's hard to sit down and put my two cents in, sometimes, but every day I need to look at the threads that make up this amazing tapestry. Thanks, Bev
  10. I finished up my PCI on march 14,I am still having some side effects. I was doing pretty good,just getting some fatigue, and brain fog. But this week it really hit me hard. I started to feel extremely fatigued,nauseas the thought of food is sickening.I was also feeling very woozy. I saw my oncologist yesterday, checked my blood. Said I was only 1 point down on my red cell count from the last time I was checked. They gave me a shot of aranesp. Thought that might help, and I have to say that I think that it has, I am not as fatigued as yesterday, but still not able to go to work. And the nausea
  11. I too have pain in my back it comes and goes depending on what I am doing. Also have numbness on my right side from the operation. Also breathing deep I feel discomfort, I am thinking this is because of the radiation I had. I had PCI which ended on march 14, which was 2 months ago, still feel some fatigue from that, It feels like I am in a fog and I need to snap out of it, I hope this to will go away with time. But I am really starting to worry that my hair will not come back. I am still bald as a baby. Anyone know how long it will be before I see any signs of life up there? One more worrie I
  12. Hi Joanie, Thanks for staying on board with us and giving such hope that we can do it also. Keep it going, and have some fun. Take care, Bev
  13. Hi Joanie, Love to hear your good news!!! You give us all hope. And I am also thankful that you have stayed with this site so long. I will try to do the same, If I am to be so blessed. Something has been nagging at me since I was diagnosed. After my follow up visit with my surgeon. Which was at the North Shore Univ. Hospital, Manhasset,N.Y. He suggested that I see there on staff oncologist, just to fill me in on what to expect for my treatment. And she was most inssistant on my getting cisplatin and not carboplatin. She said it was much harsher with the side effects, but that since I was youn
  14. bev

    Pet Scan

    Hi Dennis, I can really understand your wifes fears, I too developed an irrational fear of all of the testing and procedures that I had done. The MRI was the one that started it for me, Had I known that it would be so scary I surely would have taken something to calm me down.So when I started my radiation treatments I asked the docter to prescribe something for me, so I took ativan before each treatment. I never felt drugged in any way but I never had a panic attack during any of the procedures. If I ever have to have another MRI I would bring my own night mask for my eyes. I was told I cou
  15. bev

    PCI Side Effects?

    Thanks for all your input. I am not so worried about the symptoms now. Today I woke up feeling better than the last 2 days, Im sure it was because I had no treatments over the weekend. Well I had my last one today. And yes over the weekend what was left of my hair all fell out except for one thick patch on the back of my head. It looks really weird, I think I'll keep it for a while then shave my whole head when the tenderness goes away. Start fresh with a clean head. I had asked the nurse at the radiaton center if my nausea could be caused from the radiation, she didnt think so but anything c
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