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I have a question. I had chemo and radiation together (Carbo/Taxol) to reduce the size of my tumor. I then had surgery to remove lung. Sience I got home from surgery (June 25) I noticed that my eyesight has been blurry. I prob need to change my glasses but was wondering if anyone else has experianced this. Will discuss this with my onc on next vist but hate to call early and ask him. Thanks for any info on this. I am just wondering if it could be side effect.

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My wife experienced blurry vision during chemo, and it was due to constantly watering eyes because the chemo plugged up the lachrymal ducts which drain away the tears. It went away when she got off the chemo. We were given the name of an opthalmologist who could unplug the ducts, but we never got around to going to him, and it cleared up on its own. Don

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