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On the road again.........


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I'm going to Boston, now what on earth could I be going to bean town for......hmm, I wonder?

I'm off first thing tomorrow morning to spend the weekend working with a group of wonderful, dedicated people who have spent the last 6 months or so putting together the most fabulous walk in history (can I be excused the slight exageration?).

Have you all checked out our web site lately? The total's growing by leaps and bounds, two teams alone have brought in MORE than our original goal - isn't that amazing. I can't wipe the smile off my face I'm so proud of everyone's efforts and such extraordinary generosity from all the donors.

There's a song phrase that has been going around in my head now for days and it sums up exactly how I've been feeling ".....I'm walking in sunshine, hmm, hmm, and don't it feel good......" and by golly it does feel good!!

I'll be home on Monday, hopefully still walking on air.

Have a good weekend everyone.


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Ok...I guess you can have a hall pass. I will be thinking of everyone tomorrow and wishing I was there. I predict that the walk hits over $100,000.00 by tonight. I am so happy you came up with this idea...and very happy I was able to help put this on.

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