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I don't know where else to places this so forgive me if this is the wrong place.

Today I rec'd a message in my email that someone had sent me a PM when I got here I couldn't see anything new in my inbox. I decided to go 'home' to the grieving forum. I see that many of my friends who I met here are still here and some are even moderators. :D

My life is crazy as ever. I moved to another area with my daughter who is a senior in HS. Nick and my hubby are living in our other home 4 hours away. My daughter is doing very well in this new school and I will be back with my hubby and Nick after she graduates in June. Nick is still going through rehab after his tire accident and has ups and downs in his recovery. We found out last month that my dads prostrate cancer has come back with a vengence and my dad just doesn't want to fight it any more. The next step for my dad will be pain management when the pain gets bad. The vulture is still in his life and making life difficult. I think with the cancer coming back my dad is just ready to go and be with my mom and not fight it anymore. :( My mom has been gone for more then 3.5 years and I miss her everyday. :(

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I got another email about our dear friend "Herbbie" and I was very saddened to hear of her passing. :( I came back to the this site and thought I would check up on my friends and read some. I am so amazed at the wonderful caring people who come here. What a good job you have all done in the awareness of Lung Cancer.

On March 20, 2003 I lost my mom very suddenly to this disease and I have never been the same since losing her. I have now lost my father (April 28, 2008) to Prostate Cancer. I am sure the real intense pain will continue to build inside of me but for now I am just really busy in the business matters that comes with the death of a second parent. I will check back and continue to learn from all of you.

All My Best, Shelly

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