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  1. Hi Katie, I sure hope your meds begin to kick in and you're feeling better soon.. xo
  2. Praying for a quick recovery for our dear Connie
  3. Dear Connie, Your surgery is going to be a success and I know you'll be back to tell us yourself..You will be in my thoughts and prayers daily.. XO
  4. Dear Connie, You will be in my thoughts and prayers and hoping you bounce back quick so you can enjoy your Christmas..Your doctor is right about being young and strong, that is what will pull you through yet another surgery..You've been through so much..
  5. cathy

    All Saints Day

    My precious dad, Andrew
  6. cathy


    Dear Rochelle, I am so so sorry to read about John, words escape me right now I just dont know what to say..Please know that you and your sweet family are in my thoughts and pray there is some peace soon for all of you.. My heart aches for you right now..
  7. cathy

    John's (Mr Ry) Mother

    I am so sorry Rochelle and John...
  8. Let me know when you're coming Katie..My son is getting married next month, a little busy right now with the wedding plans but hopefully it doesnt fall on the week you're here..
  9. Katie, I know how broken your heart is and I know how deep your pain goes, I'm thinking and thinking and cant find any great words of comfort, after 4 years I still have not found my peace either..Just know I am always here for you..Peace my Dear Friend
  10. I am so glad Maurie is on the mend..
  11. Prayers for Connie and Maurie...
  12. Happy Anniversary Hope you get a chance to celebrate
  13. Kennedy just gets cuter and cuter Hope your feeling better soon
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