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Did anyone have soreness after Radiation

betty boop

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I have been finished with radiation since Oct 16 but over the past week, I feel like my left side and middle of my chest (where I was radiated) is chopped meat, I am so sore. Even sore to touch. Actually, my inside of my arms and elbows tingle like the nerves are messed up. Did anyone else have this same feeling after radiation? I don't feel bad except where I was radiated. Thanks for the feed back.


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I don't know about anyone else - but I was sore for quite a while. I've had several rounds of radiation ( to lung - neck - brain ) All have had some degree of soreness. If you have a UTI - your throat may have a yeast infection.

Each time I get radiation - I end up w/ a yeast infection of the mouth and throat. Dr said it's not unusual. They perscribe a " swish and swallow " and in a few days it's so much better.. the pain in your chest COULD be the same thing.

Doc told me that some of us are just more prone to a yeast infection than others..check with your doc -

Good luck


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