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Pulmanory Function Test


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Talked to my SS Disability Examiner today. She told me she submitted my claim with her approval to her supervisor Friday. Her supervisor wants a Pulmanory Function Test before she will approve it. Anyone had any dealings with this test. What does it consist of. I have not heard of it unless I forgot it. I had so many tests before my surgery. Thanks in advance.

Billy Jo

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PFTs are tests that measure your lungs ability to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide, the oxygen levels in your blood at rest and after exercise. It's important that you give accurate weight and height as the predicted values will be based on your height, weight, age, sex, how much lung you have.

I would like to suggest to you that you contact your Congressional Representative and let them know that you have been diagnosed with Lung Cancer, that you are applying for SSI or SS, and that the Supervisor who is evaluating your case is asking for PFTs before approving your claim. Tell the Congressional Representative that you need the SS or SSI, and that you need their help in getting it for you.

You see, for the longest time if I did nothing but sit still my oxygen saturation levels were at an acceptable level for most of the time, but as soon as I stood up and walked a few steps they would drop down to an unacceptable level. Sometimes it would drop down to an unacceptable level even if I was just sitting quietly.

Bottom line is you will be best served by having your Congressional Representative intercede on your behalf.

Hope this helps...If you would like some help in crafting a letter to the Rep please let me know and I would be happy to assist you. Just register with the group and send me a private message.

Fay A.

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Billy Jo----Run....do not walk to your crongressmans (persons) office. I have had nothing but problems with SSI, not with my cancer but with the adoption of our daughter. Our congresspersons office was and still is being a great help. If your SSI office gives you any greif go as fast as possible to your congressperson and ask for help.

David C

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