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One more attempt at attaching my details/timeline ... and if this doesn't work, I have no idea.

8/1/06 - Appt. with nurse practitioner (big mistake) for wheezing. Prescribed inhalers and antibiotics.

8/22/06 - Appt. with Primary Care doctor -- no improvement. Says chest is clearing up, continue inhaler.

8/29/06 - Leave for England/Spain for 3-week family visit. Symptoms getting worse -- out of breath easily, feeling lousy.

9/29/06 - 3rd visit to PMC doc (me too this time) finally results in a chest x-ray.

10/3/06 - PMC doc calls, "we need to talk." X-ray shows mass on the right lung. CT scan done.

10/4/06 - See thorastic surgeon, says it's probably cancer. Schedule bronchoscopy.

10/12/06 - Bronchoscopy done.

10/18/06 - Results confirm sclc. Told there would be no operation.

10/23/06 - 1st visit with medical oncologist. Discuss aggressive treatment.

10/24/06 - 1st visit with radio-therapy oncologist. Brain MRI.

10/27/06 - PET scan.

10/30 - Start 1st cycle of chemo (carboplatin/etoposide) for 3 days in a row. Med oncologist says PET scan shows nothing new & brain MRI is clear, it's contained in the chest -- call family w/good news.

11/2 - Meet with radio-therapy oncologist to set up radiation during 2nd cycle. Doc tells us the medical oncologist failed to read entire PET report. Cancer shows up in neck area, adrenal gland, and around the pancreas. No radiation until after first round of chemo. Call family with not-so-good news.

11/7 - Visit medical oncologist for blood test -- switch to senior partner (who can hopefully fully interpret a PET scan).

11/10 - White cells low, but ok. Schedule 2nd chemo cycle for 11/20-11/22.

11/11 - Looking forward to a week without doctors.

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