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  1. I am so sorry Donna. I haven't seen any more posts to let us know how treatment is going. Will keep you both in my prayers. Nina (aka Nushka)
  2. Cindy, you go girl. Thats great news. Thanks to all of you for your replies. Don't get me wrong, I love it that I am still alive and enjoying my grandchildren growing up, its just that I often wonder...Why me? I hope I have been of help to some of my friends who did not make it. I pray for us all each day. Nushka, aka Nina
  3. It has been over 8 years since my last treatment and I am still NED. March 10th will be 9 years since surgery. About all my docs do now is a chest x-ray once a year. I would (after all this time) still feel better if I had one more CT/PET but is so expensive and my oncologist says I don't need the radiation. I still have issues with SOB and have an aortic murmur from the radiation but a pacemaker seems to have fixed my heart problems. I think of all of you daily. My daughter and neice are walking Nov 6th in the Nashville Lungevity LC walk in Nashville. I am so proud of them for forming a team and more than meeting their goal.
  4. I had 37 radiation treatments to my upper left lung area where they had taken the lobe during surgery. I had a little rash on front and back that itched but just treated it with aloe. I did, however, have trouble swallowing for a few weeks and they gave me Magic mouthwash, a prescrition, for it which helped at mealtime. I was also very tired during and for a few weeks after. As you can see its been well over 5 years ago now and I am still clear. Hope this helps. Nina
  5. Have never heard of your problem before but sure am glad you have an explanation. I also hate the unknowns. Good luck. Nina
  6. Glad you are home Rich. You gotta stay out of that hospital, OK? Nina
  7. Nushka

    Scan results today

    Great news Tracy. Have a wonderful vacation. Nina
  8. Rich, Don't ya know that hospitals cost money? Praying that you come home safe and sound soon. You sure have had your share of hospitals lately. You gotta get well and save your money for some fun ok? Nina
  9. Wow Kasey, a party! I hope I'm not too late. Just got home and sure could use a little unwinding juice. Prissy says she wants some beef tips and rice for her midnight snack. I'll take a white russian. So good to see everyone again. Nina
  10. Here goes... Non-small Cell, poorly differentiated, IIIA. Surgery ( I think this is what did it), carboplatin and etopiside. After chemo, had 37 daily radiation treatments. That was finished in August of 2003. Been NED ever since. Yes, I have been one of the lucky ones. My doctors released me a year and 1/2 ago. I pray for all of us daily. Nina
  11. Nushka

    five years

    Debi, I am so happy for you that you have figured out how to put the guilt at bay and live your life. Congratulations on so many things in life. Your new job, your son, your honesty about your feelings. I too have made it for over 5 years and the guilt sometimes eats me alive. I miss so many who were once a part of this board and many people I met at the oncologists office and through radiation. I completely understand and you give me hope that soon I will be able to shake it somewhat and begin to figure out what it is I am meant to do. I hope you post a little more often. You are an inspiration for all of us. Nina
  12. Nushka

    Two Years!!

    Congratulations on 2! years. That's wonderful. Keep up the good work. Nina
  13. Nancy, I know you were hoping for reduction but stabe is good news. I only had VP16 as infusion so I can't answer your questions about the oral kind. I took it with carboplatin. I don't know which chemo did what but I didn't feel all that bad. Nausea and hair loss were my biggest complaints. Know that I am praying for you that this will do the trick. Nina
  14. David, Welcome to our site. We hate to have so many new members because of the reason most have to come here. But, if you have Lung Cancer this is the very best place to be for support, information and yes, venting. I am now over 5 years out with stage IIIA NSCLC and there is no doubt that my treatments have made that possible. I was able to have surgery and followed with Carboplatin and etopiside. Then I had radiation just to "make sure". Yes I had side effects but never bad enough to tell myself it wasn't totally worth it all to increase my chances of survival. I am glad you decided to take treatments and glad that you found this wonderful group of people. Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. Nina
  15. Mitch, I will be keeping you in my prayers as well. Wishing you a fast recovery and a quick return home. Nina
  16. Corinne, I can't help much but I can say that you have already had quite a bit more than most with your surgery and after. I was diagnosed with the same, IIIA, after having my upper left lobe removed. I (just yesterday) celebrated my 5 years since surgery. You can read my profile below to get all the details but I can tell you that after my initial treatments I have been cancer free. You had a rough start, but you can do it too. Hang in there and in 5 years I'll wish you happy anniversary. Nina
  17. How old am I? Older than dirt...I remember all of them. Remember the word comsumption? As in disease? I think that was TB. If not, let me know...lol. Nina
  18. Hi Vernon, I had my upper left lobe removed in 2003 and I am still going strong. In 3 days, it will be 5 years since I got that awful diagnosis and since my initial treatment I have been fine. Glad you joined us. Nina
  19. Becky, Wow! This is great! I hope we can expect 5 X 5 X 5= lots of years to come hearing your wonderful advice and cute stories. Ya know? I really do need that baseball bat. I expect nothing but great news. Nina
  20. Jim, I had my left upper lobe removed in 2003. Then chemo and radiation. That was almost 5 years ago and I am still kicking and living life. Hope my profile helps a little. You are very lucky that they can do surgery. Best of luck. Just one hint about recovery. I slept in a recliner for several weeks because it hurt to lay down. Within a month of surgery I flew to Las Vegas and enjoyed several days having a great time before I started chemo. They tell me that mine will not come back. There is a small chance I will develope something new but I am told that after this length of time with no more treatment and clear scans that the first little beast is gone. Nina
  21. Will continue to pray for Connie and a swift, uneventful recovery. She is a wonderful person and deserves a only the best. Her surgery was long and hard on her so I hope the "coma"(probably drug induced) will help her heal and go home soon. Thanks for the update, I was worried all day. Nina
  22. Jussi, I don't know how I missed your first several posts but I am glad I found you today. Welcome to our group. It sounds like you have already started your treatments and I hope you are still feeling well. I look forward to your updates. Again, I am sorry to be so late to reply. Nina
  23. Aaron, I can't help with any advice but wanted to say that I hope you feel better soon. You have gone through so much and as the advertisement says "you deserve a break today". Know that you and Julia are in my prayers. Nina
  24. Nushka


    Ry, this is heartbreaking news. Such a shock. As others have said, I have no words that can help, but I do want you to know that you are in my heart and prayers. John was such a trooper and such a good person. Nina
  25. Nushka

    Good Bye Friend's

    Larry, I understand why you may think it is time to leave. I won't say goodbye, as I hope you will come in to visit often. You will be missed. Many times you and your cute jokes made my day. Have a great life. Nina
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