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How often do the docs usually do new scans? My mom is starting round 2 of chemo today. Her breathing sounded very labored yesterday, and she said her chest hurt. Those are "new" symptoms, and it's scaring me since she already went through one round. Her memory is really getting bad too. Wondering if it's typical to do new scans at the beginning of each cycle? Probably . . .

Oh, well. The cancer will do what it's going to do. It's just hard to watch/hear her declining. At least she got to see her first grandchild for the first time yesterday (one week old)!! It made me happy to know she was so happy. :-)

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I don't really know the answer to your question, but I do remember the doc saying that it could be that my dad's breathing would get worse. He was not to lean over to tie shoes or anything like that. He had a scan after round 2, at the start of round 3. I don't know if that is par, but that is what happened for us. Cancer is a booger...it can cause so much, as can the treatment really. Best of luck and God bless.


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Jen, maybe that is typical because I just talked to my Dad and he said the doc told her today that they're not doing more scans until 12/27. That is when she starts round 3 (if she decides to have round 3).

I just wish I knew now how much shrinkage there was with round 1, or where's she's "at" now . . .

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It's most typical to do scans every 2-3 cycles to check if things are improving, stable, or progressing. If patients have new symptoms or are just having a hard time with side effects from treatment, that would lean me toward doing a scan earlier rather than later, but repeating scans every cycle would be quite unusual. Insurance companies tend to question if you get scans less than a month apart, except if you document that it's to assess for change in someone with new, concerning symptoms.

I hope her next scan looks favorable.

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