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Pain in Neck and Chest


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My dad started chemo a few weeks ago. He was given carbo and taxotere on Nov. 20 and a Nuelasta shot the next day. He did not take another chemo drug until yesterday 12/4 which was the Avastin shot and nothing else. Since yesterday he has been expereiencing pain in the right side of his neck and chest. He has cancer in both lungs and mediastinum.

Could the source of the pain be that the cancer has spread or am I jumping to conclusions? I've read about mets to the liver and brain. Has anyone had mets to their neck?

I am not familiar with how cycles are usually done. Right now his meds seem so spaced out that I am scared that there is not enough being done. :?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Cycles can vary greatly. Even on the same drug some will be given once a month infusion and another will be aonce a week for three weeks with a week off.

If there is pain anywhere, I would request the doctor determine source and how to treat it. Short term a pain medicine should be found to alleviate the pain.

Best wishes.


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Thanks for the replies. My dad said its not a constant pain. So hopefully, it is not the worst case scenario. He still has a good appetite and is getting around fairly well. From reading his pathology report, his chest is full of it (cancer :( ) so I am thankful that he is doing okay.

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