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What to say to Mom toward the end


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I really believe my mom will refuse treatment after this round of chemo. I would like to write some sort of poem/tribute, etc. for her for Xmas, just to convey my feelings. I'm just not sure what she DOESN'T want to hear. For example, should I not say how very sad I am and that my life will seem so empty without her?

Obviously I don't want her to worry about me (which she always does anyway, like moms do), but at the same time I want to be honest and let her know how very grateful I am that she is my mother and how blessed I feel. Any thoughts? Thanks!


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Maybe a letter about how much she has meant to you, ways you are a better person because of her and things that made a difference growing up, and maybe go over some good memories.

This reminds me of a story--

My cousin had terminal cancer and had a sort of combination birthday party/living wake where everyone gave her a card with nice sentiments. My middle daughter decided to make her a nice picture -- she wrote on it "we're really going to miss you when you're gone" I had to have her change it...my cousin probably would have cracked up--but we changed it to something more appropriate.

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When I was in high school, we were given an assignment to write a poem about our hero. I found the word hero to be very powerful and the only person I could think of as a hero was my Grandfather. So I wrote the poem about him and my teacher told me to show it to him. It wasn't until many years later that I got the courage to show it to him. He loved it. A few years later it was read at his funeral service.

Maybe you can put into writing all of the things that make her your hero. There really won't be any need to tell her how much you'll miss her. I'm sure she knows that already.

Help her celebrate her achievements and everything she's done for you.


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