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Bravest Mouse.....


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Bravest Mouse

Three mice were drinking in a bar.

The first mouse said, "I am the bravest amongst you."

The other two mice looked on in amusement and challenged, "Prove it."

The first mouse said, "I eat cheese off mouse traps at home. Every single meal."

The second mouse started laughing and said, "You call that brave?"

The first mouse wasn't amused, "You think you are better?"

The second mouse said, "Why of course. I eat off the mouse traps and wash it down with rat poison everyday."

Upon hearing this, the third mouse stood up emptied his mug, slammed it on the table and turned to leave.

The other two mice ran after him and asked, "What's the deal man?"

The third mouse replied, "Well, I am not mixing with you losers. I am going home to screw the cat!"

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