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Clinical Trial Information for Transimmunization


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Clinical Trial Information!!!

http://info.med.yale.edu/dermatology/cl ... rials.html

Clinical Trials

PhotopheresisTransimmunization a graduation from photopheresis to transimmunization developed by our scientists is proving successful fighting some cancers including CTCL.

Transimmunization for the treatment

of cutaneous T cell lymphoma (CTCL)

Transimmunization was developed after years of laboratory research advanced the understanding of the underlying principles of ECP (Extracorporeal, photochemotherapy, or photopheresis). The scientific basis of ECP is the ability to stimulate the development of powerful stimulators of the immune system called dendritic cells. Transimmunization is a more efficient means by which to bring these dendritic cells in contact with target cancer cells, before they are returned to the body to stimulate an anti-tumor immune response.

A clinical trial of Transimmunization for the treatment of cutaneous T cell lymphoma (CTCL) is currently underway at Yale. Patients must be 18 or more years of age; have a histologic confirmed diagnosis of CTCL; be at a clinical stage greater than 1B; have evidence of peripheral blood involvement by flow cytometry or molecular studies: and be able to tolerate intravenous fluid shifts. Treatments are given in an outpatient setting on 3 consecutive days (approximately 3 hours per day), repeated monthly for three months. Previous or current treatment with ECP does not make a patient ineligible for the study.For further information, please contact:

Inger Christensen, RN

Director of the Tissue Microarray Facility

Department of Dermatology

Yale University School of Medicine

(203) 688-6445

email: inger.christensen@yale.edu

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