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Sharon thanks for your story


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Thanks for posting your story “Here it is…..” in the MY Story forum. I am glad that you are doing so well. I read your story with great interest because of the similar things about our cancer. Mine was inoperable and they could not use radiation. I was told that it looked like someone had taken a paint brush and flicked it all over my right lung, yours was like a snowstorm. My Pulmonary doctor told me I had 16 to 18 months tops. I have been on Tarceva for 18 months; you have been on it for 20 months. We both have had good results.

We do have some differences. Your oncologist classed your treatment as palliative. My oncologist said that he believed that treatment could work indefinitely and be treated like diabetes. That new treatment was coming out every day. You have had some bad side effects from the Tarceva. For some reason I have had none from the Tarceva or the chemo.

For some reason you think that you can not live to old age, I think you can. This may be because all of your doctors were a little negative. We are not looking for palliative treatment; we want a cure and long life for you, me and everyone here.

I since by your last two paragraphs that you are a little bitter and have become hardened because of your cancer. There are plenty of reasons for us to be bitter, but I try to see all the positive things that cancer has brought me. I appreciate life more. I realize how fragile life is. I try to make every minute count. Not because of the cancer, but because life is short. I try to help as many people as I can with their battle with cancer. My life is better and more meaningful now. I think how lucky I was that they could not operate or give me radiation. I have two whole lungs and no radiation side effects.

I feel sorry that you feel the way that you do; I want you to believe that you will live a long time and plan your life that way.

Richard Bloch and Randall James are two people I know of that have beaten this disease for over 18 years. Randall James is a personal friend and is doing fine today.

Richard Bloch was told he had 90 days to live. He chose not to believe his doctor and died 26 years later of heart trouble at 84. Go to this web site.


Read the letter to Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patients

Randall James is a friend of mine. He has been fighting cancer for over 18 years. He leads a very productive and fruitful life. There is no reason that you can’t live to old age. You have a very good start at winning. The last 6 paragraphs of this story tell about his cancer. You can skip to them if you do not want to read the rest of his bio.


In closing, I am one of those people that keep saying what you say you hate to hear and that is stay positive. I don’t say this because I have nothing else to say and I too at times don't feel as positive as I would like, but I quickly get over them and get back into a positive mode a soon as possible. My reason is some what selfish and that is: I want to stay positive because it will give me the best chance of living longer. It’s normal not to feel positive at times but I like to change that when I can.

I think part of your post you wrote when you were in a low period. We all have those times. I notice with encouragement that in many of your post to others you say that you are sending positive thoughts. Here are just a few: “Sending all positive thoughts”, “sending all positive thoughts your way”, “Lots of positive thoughts coming your way”, “will be sending every positive thought I can”, “Lots of positive thoughts coming your way”, “sending every positive thought I can your way” Sharon these are from your posts and they have helped many people.

You must have been positive most of the time or you would not do so well. You may not be able to be positive 100% of the time, but I think the more you are the better you will do.

These are just my thoughts, but they are from someone that has been there and has a desire to help others through this period in their life.

I will keep you in my prayers.

If there is something here that will give you or someone just a little more encouragement, that will make my day.

Have a Happy New Year. AND

Stay positive, :)


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