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  1. ernrol

    Traped lung

    When they drained the fluid the lung did not drop all the way down. They are going to put me in the hospital and dry to get the lung to drop using a bigger tube. I don't know much about this procedure. I do not know when they will do it. It was either tomorrow or next week. I still appreciate all prayers. Putting it all in the hands of the lord. I have not posted because I was waiting to find out what and when what they were going to do. Stay positive, Ernie
  2. ernrol

    Fluid drain

    They are going to drain the fluid again today. They may do a pleurodesis, I don’t know for sure. They will start at 10:45 EST I would appreciate all prayers. Please keep all replies positive. Stay positive, Ernie
  3. Connie, We will give you all the support we can. Welcome to the site. Try to keep cool and stay positive. Keep us posted as you learn more. Stay positive, Ernie
  4. Katie, Good Lord willing, I still plan on coming with Carol, my bride of 48 years. I would like to see us spend more time together than we did in Chicago. Maybe a picnic or somthing. Stay positive, Ernie
  5. I haven’t posted much lately. I have been trying to come up with a posting about my most recent treatment that would encourage others. As many of you know my motto has been “Stay positive.” Am I always positive? No, there are times that those negative thoughts slip in. The goal has to be to get rid of the negative and back on the positive as soon as you can, and if you are newly diagnosed to get positive. My first year and a half with stage IV cancer was pretty easy. Everything went right. In four months I was in remission. I was able to stay real positive with such good results. I am sure many of you thought that well it’s easier when things go so well. I was in remission for about a year and a half, and then some cancer reappeared. I had a change in chemo that failed. I had some side effects that were not very pleasant. I had radiation that gave me some bad side effects. I am now back on 150mg of Tarceva and Navelbine and will have scans in May. All of this made it more difficult to stay positive and I did have my bad times. I have always believed the Lord was in control and still do. So I prayed to find out how my experience could help others stay positive. I think that I now I have the answer. From the beginning I could have been negative, and if I had I would have had a weaker immune system and would not have had such good results with my chemo. I would have had a year and a half of being negative and not enjoying life. The year and a half that I was in remission was really fantastic. So now when things are not going as well and those negative thoughts creep in, I just think ,”would I want to have lost those great days of my life while I was in remission” The answer is obviously no. The Lord has been so good to me through all of my treatment and I believe this is just his way of showing me how I can help others get into that positive mood. Knowing that being negative may deprive me of some of the greatest days of my life, has made it easier to be positive. Here are a few facts about being positive. You always feel better when you have a positive outlook. Being positive strengthens the immune system and gives you a better chance of beating this disease or any other disease. Your friends and family will become more positive. Feeling positive can turn a bad day into a good day. These facts are true even if you don’t have cancer and I believe can extend life for anyone. Changing from negative to positive thoughts is not always easy, but if you pray and try as hard as you can, it is well worth the effort. Each day we are positive is a better day in our life. I hope and pray that this will help those of you that are having trouble staying positive make the change. The real truth is that thinking negative can shorten ones life. So let the good days roll. This all supports one of my favorite verses: MATHEW 6:27 Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? Stay positive, Ernie
  6. ernrol

    Mustang P51

    Photo bucket was the one I had joined but could not remember my log in. I did figure it out. You can now go there and see yours truly in the rear seat. I got to do lots of the flying including rolls and landing. Some fun. If you click on the first photo you will get a slide show of all the photos. http://s156.photobucket.com/albums/t25/ernrol/Mustang/ Stay positive, Ernie
  7. ernrol

    Photo posting

    I am back from Orlando and have some photos that I would like to post. I signed up for a site that someone on here was using, but I can't remember the name of the site. If anyone has a good site let me know. Stay positive, Ernie
  8. ernrol

    Fun in Orlando

    I don't do the flight till Wednesday the 2nd. We fly out of Kissimmee airport which is just a few miles from Disney World. Will try to post some photos. Will be leaving in a few hours for Orlando. I will ty to post something from Orlando. Stay positive, Ernie
  9. ernrol

    Fun in Orlando

    Thursday was my 71st birthday. I got some great gifts. One is a got a rash which some say means the Tarceva is working. I only had a slight rash before and I was only taking 100mg. I will now starting 150mg every other day and in a few days it will be 150mg every day. The other great gift is some flight time in a P-51 Mustang. You can click the address below to see the plane. http://www.stallion51.com/aircraft/aircraft-crazyh.aspx I will be in Orlando for a week to have some fun. Stay positive, Ernie
  10. Anyone had this combo? This is just a short note to let everyone know what’s going on with my chemo. The chemo has not been easy. Some of it is cumulative. At the present time I get a steroid, Alimta, Gemzar and Avastin every two weeks and the side effects are tough. SOB is a big problem. My first chemo I had no side effects, what a difference Tomorrow I get the results of the latest scans and another session of chemo. All prayers appreciated. I want to get back to being more active, but have not felt up to it. Maybe this time I will have the right meds to take care of more of the side effects. Stay positive, Ernie
  11. ernrol

    Chemo question

    Maryea, The word is neuropathy. It is caused by the Taxol. The tingling will get less over a period that cold be up to a year. It may not go away completely. I have had this since I started my chemo in 2005. I do get acupuncture weekly it may help a little. It really does not bother me much. Stay positive, Ernie
  12. Janet, Welcome you story will be an encouragement to others. Keep us posted. Stay positive, Ernie
  13. Renate, Welcome to the site. Keep us posted as you learn more. It seems early for someone to be telling you what your options are. I would be getting ready to get a second opinion before I cut out any knd of treatment. Stay positive, Ernie
  14. Eric, Welcome to the site. We will give you all the support we can. Keep us posted as you leaarn more about your mom. Stay positive, Ernie
  15. Dee, Welcome to the site. I pray that your surgery went well. Stay positive, Ernie
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