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New Here and Scared.......


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Hello Everyone... I came to this site looking for support... You see, my dad (will be 45 April 16th), was diagnosed with Lung Cancer on March 19th. Next week they go in to see if it is SCLC OR NSCLC. He has spots on his spine, liver and esophagus. (are these called mets???) His brain scan came up clear (he said they actually couldn't find anything in his head at all - haha) so that is good news.

He started coughing in October. A constant, stubborn cough that wouldn't seem to go away. The doctors claimed it to be some sort of infection. In January when he went back to the doctors they scheduled all the tests and such that I am sure many of you know about. The exact stage of the cancer is not known yet, but by my research it appears to be atleast a stage three.

And that is what scares me the most. My research. I was curious and wanted to know what to expect and what was to come and what exactly lung cancer was. I found a lot of information that made me scared and a lot that made me cry. I left school the day my dad found out (I live 3 hours from home) and stayed the entire weekend, I guess I just needed to make sure everything was okay and to let my family know that I am there. When I got back to school I went in search of stories/websites of Lung Cancer Survivors and I came upon this site and quickly registered. I called my mom and told her about this site as well. She is also very scared.

I guess all I'm looking for really is support, the opportunity to hear good news and to talk to all of you to learn more. My hat goes off to all of you out there who have LC in what ever form or extent. You people are the most brave and courageous people I know of (and I don't even know any of you). But I wanted to say that all of you, along with my dad, are in my thoughts and prayers constantly. Take care of yourself and please never stop believing that you can beat this. The road may be long and dangerous, with many hills and valleys along the way, but you must always remember the road leads to brighter days.

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Adam, welcome to the Message Board. If you want support, you came to the right place. If you want into, you came to the right place. These folks here are one big, beautiful family, so we're glad you came. It is normal to be scared because cancer is such an unknown, unpredictable. Hang on to your faith and hope, no matter what. Ask your dad what he needs from you at this time. He may be afraid to ask. Love him like you never loved him before. My wife and I, even after 43 years of marriage, have grown closer with her bout of lung cancer. I don't know you, but from your message, I like you already! My prayers are with you and your family. There are a lot of statistics out there, but your dad is a unique person and only God knows the time line (that goes for all of us). Keep up the good spirits and hang in there with us. Don

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Sorry about the circumstances that have brought you here. I went thru all the same emotions you are describing; you are right, the information I found in the beginning make me cry. But then I also read about a lot of people who beat cancer too. Once you get over the statistics, your proactive warrior mode kicks in. Research all you can, and I would be happy to email you the research I have done so far.

My mom teetered between Stage IIIB and IV NSCLC, but after finding the right doctors, she appears to be close to remission, if not in remission already.

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Adam, welcome to the board, and thank you for your encouragement. Now, you posted that your dad was diagnosed with Lung Cancer, but they weren't sure of NSCLC or SCLC. I was wondering if they did a biopsy, how did they determine Lung Cancer, but not the type or stage? You never know, it may be another form of cancer that spread to the lungs afterward. You're right, the other leisions are "mets".

My dad was diagnosed in January 2002, orig. with SCLC. By October the CT scans showed that the chemo wasn't having any effect on the cancer, but the fact that the cancer wasn't really growing indicated that he may have (and indeed, does have) NSCLC.. Typically SCLC responds to chemo, and if, in the rare event, it dosn't respond-it tends to spread really fast. My dad has a slow growing form of NSCLC. He also had mets to his spine, which the chemo did help, go figure. He is now on Iressa, and that seems to be helping. One tumor is shrinking, and the others are not growing, so they remain small.

There is alot that can be done for cancer, try not to take the statistics so literally. Everyone is different and responds to treatment different. Dad had no major side effects from chemo, and although he eventually did have mets to the brain, they were handled with Gamma Knife.

You are doing the right thing by seeking out information-and support. I never would have know about G.K. or many other therapies without the informtion I received on this board, and on the web. There is a plethra of information out there, if you know where to look and can somewhat absorb it all.

How is your dad handeling all of this, emotionally? I know it will be hard on your mom and the rest of the family, too. My mom ended up needing Paxil to help her through all this, and it does help. Keep us posted on how things are going. And try to keep your chin up. Take advantage of the good days, and work through the rough ones. Take care and I'll keep you and your dad in my thoughts and add them to my prayers. Deb

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