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  1. Count me in!!!!!!!! I would consider it an honor to participate, and to meet you guys, finally, would be amazing!!!!!! Take care, Deb
  2. Seeing her picture for the first time I remember thinking-what a beautiful lady-then I'd read her posts and my thought was confirmed-then I read the letter and it showed again-she was a beautiful lady through and through. She will be so missed, but, man, is heaven lucky or WHAT? Deb
  3. Debaroo

    Injection #7

    Judy B and Gail-whenever things seemed to be spiriling out of control-they were the ones I knew would be able to reach me and PULL ME BACK IN! deb
  4. Gay and Dean, I can't express enough how much respect that I have for the both of you. You are both in my prayers. Deb
  5. I could be wrong, but from what I found out when my dad had brain mets two years ago, RFA would be used on soft tissue mets (ie. liver mets). My dad had Gamma Knife for his brain mets. I posted a long, detailed post about it a long time ago-it is a very specific procedure, directs high doses of radiation to the mets themselves, leaves the healthy brain tissue undamaged, limited side effects. My dads procedure was very successful. The tumors are killed on the spot, then they are reabsorbed back into the brain at the same rate at which they grew. My dad was very happy with the procedure, and his insurance covered it 100%. It is becoming more and more available, I would ask the onc. about it, maybe they could refer you to a neurologist that does it, it is usually in a hospital, because the equipment is so large, and you need a neurosurgeon, radiologist and, believe it or not, a nuclear physisist to map out each procedure. My dads neurosurgeon said that they can do up to 4 or even 5 mets at a time (each is done individually, but during ONE session), and have done mets up to the size of, if I remember correctly 4 cm. If the mets are the right shape, not wrapping or winding in the brain, the position dosn't matter as far as where they are in the brain. If they are too big, they may even suggest traditional radiation to shrink them and THEN do Gamma Knife. Also, they ususally reccomend Whole brain radiation (WBR) after the procedure, to help break the blood-brain barrior that the brain develops to protect itself from the chemo-then the chemo would be able to do its job on the brain, too. Hope this was of some help. Take care, Deb ps. You can try a search on Yahoo or something punch in Gamma Knife-and maybe your state even, to get a list of places that offer the procedure.
  6. I just posted a post to the site Katie referenced above=username Debarooo (three o's, Debaroo was already taken). There were SO many messages to Mr. Jennings. I hope that it helps, in some way, however small. Deb
  7. I was just in my car when they announced on it, like a news break, "This just in Peter Jennings of ABC news has been diagnosed with lung cancer. He is to start chemo immediatly." that was it. I expected them to say he had died suddenly the way they did it, but then they said he had lung cancer and it just made me so sad. Then I thought of what a great bunch of people are here, and thought the same thing-if he wanted to come here, if he wanted to take on a role as a lung cancer advocate (like Katie Couric did for prostate cancer after her husband was diagnosed and sadly, subsequently died). I just hope that he knows how much support is out there-even with the fame and money thing, lets face it, lung cancer is not the type of thing that many people can relate to-and being able to relate is so important when you're dealing with illness. My thoughts and prayers go out to him, and the others who are out there and were diagnosed, too....You are not alone. Take care, Deb
  8. David, Karen and Faith (what a beautiful name)- I'm so sorry for all that you are going through right now. Man, you guys have a HUGE following, it took me so long to scroll down far enough so that I could click on the post reply button!!! Please know that you are in my prayers, too. I wish I could do more, but my prayers will be sent, and I hope that knowing how much support that you have here helps. Please take care, you guys, Deb
  9. Stephanie, Let me begin by wishing you a happy belated birthday. I am so sorry that you have been feeling so alone. It might sound weird, but I miss your mom, too. I think I've posted before about how much JudyB meant to me. I realize now, as a mother myself, that your birthday is not only your celebration, but it is a celebration for your mother. She brought you into this world, and that immediate, unconditional love that is so overwhelming is created-and I just want you to know that I believe that you should think of yourself as that extention of your mother-you are so much a part of her-she lives on through you. I hope that your move to AZ is a smooth one. Sometimes trying to keep busy works against you. You're trying to subdue some pretty intense feelings-and you should let yourself feel them. Sometimes a good cry and talking outloud to my dad makes me feel closer to him. I actually talk to him alot, when the kids do something that I know he'll get a kick out of, and I know he knows. Just like your Mom does. I really believe that. She'll be with you when you move. When she creeps into your thoughts, she's probably nearby. Please take care, and remember we're here. Deb
  10. Sharon, GREAT NEWS! By chance, to you drink alot of coffee or ingest alot of caffine? My Doc. told me years ago-I was about 20, and developing cysts on my breast, too. It turned out that I was drinking way too much coffee and tea, and the caffine was the cause of the cysts (some people are more prone to this than others.) So I switched and have been making part decaf, part reg. ever since, and no longer have this problem. Just thought I'd share, if I could help you avoid another scare-not knowing is torture. In any case, I am REALLY, REALLY, happy for you. Take care, Deb
  11. Debaroo


    See, Norme, Sharon and I thought of you at the SAME time, we were probably posting to you at the same time-I guess it is a case of great minds thinking thinking alike about a great lady. Deb
  12. Debaroo

    Six months today

    Ginny, I consider you family, too-although I don't come around as much as I used to, I think of my LCSC family every day, and say a little prayer. All I can say is that a marraige like you and the Duke had were a great example of what it is all about-your relationship is STILL strong-and I know that Earl is loving you right now as much as you are loving him. Take care, my friend, Deb
  13. Norme, I just wanted to post this to let you know that I continue to think about you and your Buddy, and that you are in my prayers...I miss ya, Norme, and I hope you are doing well. No need to reply, just know that someones thinking of you, and sending love your way. Deb
  14. Fay, I havn't been around in a while, but when I checked in and saw your invite, I was so glad I didn't check in too late. I'll supply the rice crispy treats (HOME MADE, not the packaged stuff) and will be sporting my, literally, Holey sweats and bugs bunny slippers (the ORIG. BUGS, NOT THE NEWLY RE-MADE that I saw on the news the other morning-it quite disturbed me). I'll also bring some somber music, too-lets see-I've got the Smiths (an 80's band that pretty much wore itself out-record form-remember records? The Smiths were the band of choice for the depressed, pitty partiers-man, there were periods where I could pitty party anyone under a table.) And maybe some poetry I wrote in High School-now THATS DEPRESSING... Oh, Fay, I couldn't think of anyone that I'd rather meet and be able to party with-even if its a pitty party-YOU RULE!!!!!!!!!!!! Deb
  15. Fay, Please include me in the prayer chain... I hope that you will have some answers soon. I can't imagine how excruciating it is for you to have to watch your son going through this-you are both in my prayers. Deb
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