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Small cough

betty boop

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Over the last few days I have developed a small tickle cough that I can feel in my chest. It doesn't hurt, just aggrevating. Nothing is coming up with it either. Anyone know much about radiation pneumonitis (spelling??). I thought I'd call my radiation doc tomorrow and see what he suggests for the cough.


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Shortness of breath is a biggy with RN. I think I had a dry cough when I had it too, but the SOB was the frist sign and the cough came a little later. For me the cough was nothing compared to the SOB. I got it 2 months after I finished all my treatments. It wasn't fun, but for me, with prednison it cleared right up. :D

It never hurts to always mention changes to your doc.

Hope it's nothing and hope your cough goes as fast as it came.

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