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Here's a chance to focus attention on lung cancer by telling your story to Newsweek.


My Turn: Health Triumphs

Tell us how you survived a personal health crisis. What got you through a battle with cancer or a tough recovery after a serious injury? Perhaps you've learned to manage a chronic condition like diabetes or Parkinson's disease. Or maybe you're coping with mental health issues. Take us from the onset of your illness to the day you turned a crucial corner. What did you learn about your physical and emotional strengths? Were there people in your life that buoyed you with support or guidance? What was your medical care like? We'll run the best of our submissions throughout 2007.

Submission Guidelines: Your essay should be: a) An original piece, B) 850-900 words, and c) Personal in tone. It should not be framed as a response to a Newsweek story or another Newsweek reader essay. Submissions must not have been published elsewhere. Please include your full name, phone number, e-mail address and home address with your entry. We are fully aware of the time and effort involved in preparing an essay, and each manuscript is given careful consideration. Please allow two months for your submission to be considered.

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