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  1. Good to see you posting again, Chris. Welcome back. But I am sorry you and your mom have to deal with such nonsense right now. Hope it works itself out. Trish
  2. Hi Judy, Taxotere really kicked my butt, but it worked really well for me in controlling the cancer. Hope they can give you something to control the side-effects and that it works well for you. Take care. Trish
  3. Congratulations, Bruce! What great news. Trish
  4. I'm ready for a Mimosa, Kasey. So good to see you posting again, and iIt sure is good to see the pub open again. Trish
  5. Welcome, Coni. You'll find lots of knowledge and support here. Trish
  6. Hang in there, Rich. Hope it's a very brief hospital stay. Trish
  7. trish2418

    Terry Bones

    I'm so very sorry for your loss, Flo. May Terry rest in peace. Trish
  8. trish2418

    I'm still alive!

    What great news, Muriel! I'll see your five beers and raise you five more! Trish
  9. That's great, Kelly! You'll be great! Trish
  10. Happy Anniversary, Carol!!! Keep those great reports coming. Trish
  11. Welcome, Lorrie. So sorry you had to find us. I hope the START drugs knock the cancer for a loop. Trish
  12. Welcome, Steve. So sorry you had to find us, but glad you're here. Trish
  13. trish2418

    He is gone

    Please accept my condolences, Chris. May Jerry rest in peace. Trish
  14. I am so sorry, Debbie. Your family is in my prayers. May Alan rest in peace. Trish
  15. trish2418

    Scan time

    Whooo Hoooo! Way to go, Jamie! Trish
  16. Congratulations, Lilly! I'm sending strong wishes for many, many more anniversaries to come. Trish
  17. Congratulations, Rich! That's just great news. Trish
  18. trish2418

    My Father

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, Christine. May your dad rest in peace. Trish
  19. Good for you, Tiny! That's great news and here's to many, many more anniversaries. Trish
  20. trish2418

    cindi o'h

    I'm so sorry to hear of Cindi's passing. She was a great source of knowledge and humor on this board. She will be missed. Trish
  21. trish2418

    Raney Fleck

    My heart goes out to you and your boys. Raney was a very important part of this board and will be remembered as a woman of great compassion, courage, and strength. May she rest in peace. Trish
  22. trish2418


    Great news, Joe. I'm really happy for you and your family. Enjoy the vacation. Trish
  23. I'm stopping in for that Mimosa I've been craving. Some good news, I had my second to last chemo treatment on Thursday and I'm looking forward to the last treatment next Thursday. Whew! Trish
  24. Barb, I'm so glad the cancer is gone, and I'm praying that you'll have successful treatment to the lungs. Hang in there. Trish
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